10 Christmas Miniature Must-Haves for Your Dollhouse

Looking to add Christmas to your dollhouse? Here are 10 Christmas miniature must-haves for your dollhouse that you won’t want to exclude and are pretty much drool-worthy. Find more amazing miniatures for Christmas at theminidistrict.com.

10 Christmas Miniature Must-Haves for Your Dollhouse

Looking to add Christmas to your dollhouse? Here are 10 Christmas miniature must-haves for your dollhouse that you won’t want to exclude and are pretty much drool-worthy.

Each time I open Instagram, I get FOMO for not having my dollhouse read for the holidays. The Christmas miniature scene is exploding right now. Miniaturists everywhere are adding must-haves to their dollhouse porches and living rooms.

This will be my first year decorating my dollhouse for Christmas. And, I’m intimidated, mostly because I don’t have my living room complete. Heck, I don’t even have windows installed on the first floor. 

But after reading Beth’s post about planning last month, it got me thinking I need to make a plan for my holiday decor. So what better way than to do a little online window shopping. I gathered up a list of 10 Christmas miniature must-haves that any dollhouse would want. By putting this list together, I think I might just be able to accomplish my goals.

In the past, I would willy nilly buy things. Often I would forget that I had bought something. That happened when I started to get ready for mini fall. Getting an idea of what is out there will help me plan a theme and color palette for decorating my dollhouse this holiday season.

10 Christmas Miniatures You Gotta See

Let’s plan together! I went scouring for the best miniatures for Christmas out there and think you’ll enjoy this list of 10 Christmas miniature must-haves for your dollhouse.

Starting with the outside of our dollhouses, the part everyone sees when they drive down your street. The magic of lights and Santa’s on the lawn – these things make me most happy about Christmas.

*Note some of these items may no longer be in stock. You could reach out to the sellers to see if they intend to get them back in stock.

1. Tiny Christmas Lawn Decorations

Not many people go as far as their front porch, but miniaturists like me extended their mini area to have a little lawn. For some simple DIY projects, you can use snow fabric to cover your grass. Or add some white paint to some Squeeze Me bushes to give it that winter charm.

We have actual garden flags at my house that we change out every season. Do the same thing with your dollhouse too! These mini Christmas flags are a sure hit. Be sure to grab a flag stand while you’re at it in my shop, Aspen Miniature.

Photo Credit: Aspen Miniature

I love seeing reindeer incorporated into lawns in real life, so it would only make sense to see them on my dollhouse porch or yard. These reindeer from Twelve Oak Minis are white porcelain. And, they would look great with my neutral Christmas color palette. You can find other types of mini deer on Etsy too.

Photo Credit: Twelve Oaks Minis

While I was in the Etsy shop for Twelve Oaks Minis, I found this miniature sleigh. I love it. I have an old wagon on my lawn, but I would love to use it and fill it with brown paper packages.

Photo Credit: Twelve Oaks Minis

2. Garland and Lights for Your Mini Porch

Moving up to the porch and exterior, you can’t have a Christmas house without some garland and lights, right? This year I’m making a garland for my front door for sure.

The Little Hedge Row focuses primarily on fairy garden items, but some of it would still work perfectly for your 1:12 scale dollhouse or even for 1:6. I fell in love with this snow-covered garland because it’s a bit bulkier and covered in snow.

Photo Credit: Little Hedge Row

These mini garlands from Little Willow Room have been lovingly put together with tiny ornaments. I can envision them on windows and the fireplace mantle of a dollhouse, can you?

Photo Credit: Little Willow Room

When it comes to lights outside the house, I have found that the mini fairy lights are probably the best for working ones. But there are plenty of faux lights on Etsy you can buy. The problem with Fairy lights is that they are spaced a little too far apart for my 1:12 scale dollhouse exterior. I’m still on the fence as to if I’ll even do lights this year.

These lights from Little Earth Muffin look about 1 inch apart and would be an excellent set for your house.

Photo Credit: Little Earth Muffin

3. A Cozy Mini Doormat

I’ve been making doormats with my laser cutter for some time. So I invite you to check them out. My Christmas inventory is much smaller now. So here are a few other shops that might interest you on Etsy that sell doormats. 

Photo Credit: Aspen Miniature

This snowman doormat from Genies Mini House isn’t the traditional brown doormat but more a printed design if you’re into that style. And it’s pretty darned cute, too.

Photo Credit: Genie’s Mini House

Pagan Moon Miniatures has a printed doormat with a reindeer. So it has the traditional brown doormat texture look to it. The realism is excellent!

Photo Credit: Pagan Moon Miniatures

4. A Miniature Wreath for The Door

While we’re outside, let’s look at wreaths! There are so many out there to choose from on Etsy that it will be hard to pick just one. I’ll show you some of the favorites I found.

Midsommer Crafts has some of the most detailed wreaths I’ve ever seen. Her work is so spectacular. Choosing just one to show you was hard. 

Photo Credit: Midsommer Crafts

This neutral wreath from CDdeBaca Crafts is just what I would want for my dollhouse front porch. 

Photo Credit: CDdeBaca Crafts

And you haven’t seen beautiful wreaths until you’ve VillageNCrafts seen tiny pieces of work.

Photo Credits: Village and Crafts

5. Christmas Mini Plants and Flowers

One of the easiest ways to get your dollhouse in the festive spirit is Christmas mini plants and flowers. I have been on the hunt for some beautiful poinsettias.  It’s hard to find things that look different. But this gorgeous potted poinsettia from Lugart Petit is perfect! I love the little brown box planter.

Photo Credit: LugArt Petit

6. Holiday Mini Art

While we’re still on the porch, let’s talk about artwork. You can find holiday mini art for the front porch and then for inside as well. So it’s the perfect transition!

If you’re into DIYs, you can grab this cute printable from Cottontail Miniatures and make your own porch signs. 

Photo Credit: Cottontail Miniatures

This mini front porch sign from Lois and Eunice Minis is way cute! The colors just pop!

Photo Credit: Louis & Eunice Minis

And this porch sign from Pinxi Studio is adorable. 

Photo Credit: Pinxi Studio

Taking it inside, you can’t go wrong with these super cute Christmas signs from Petite Provisions Co.

Photo Credit: Petite Provisions Co

And, these more neutral black and white Christmas art pieces from Island Trading Co will go with anything.

Photo Credit: Island Trading Co

7. A Lovely Mini Green Christmas Tree

I’ve started my own mini Christmas tree hunt. I want something that is not decorated already and looks more realistic. 

This one from Melody Jane Dollhouses seems so natural. And, if you’re tight on space, it’s not too full, so it’s just the perfect size for the little corner you have.

Photo Credit: Melody Jane Dollhouse

But if you’re looking for a full tree – this is your girl! KAD Crafts has several tree styles in their shop, but this one is full, with a little bit of snow. Beautiful.

Photo Credit: CAD Crafts

And then, there is Mimi’s Mini Boutique. Holy moly! This tree is over the top amazing! She has several amazing decorated trees.

Photo Credit: Mimi’s Mini Boutique

8. Pretty Mini Packages

What’s a tree without packages? I keep seeing these cute mini sets with all the fixings inside a box—what a cute idea.

Mini Moore sells matching rolls of wrapping paper that would look adorable in your living room with presents ready to wrap! Better yet, I like the packages all done!

Photo Credits: Mini Moore

JJ’s Box of Littles has these fun packages like they just arrived at your door! It would look adorable on the front porch.

Photo Credit: JJ’s Boxes of Littles

And if you wish to print your own, designers like Jessica Cloe have them on her site too.

Photo Credit: Jessica Cloe

9. Mini Holiday Decor for the Mantle

Modern minis for your home decor can sometimes be challenging to find, but I’ve searched high and low on Etsy for some mini holiday decor for the mantle that mimics the real thing you see in your favorite stores.

These mini houses from Jessica Cloe remind me of Pottery Barn!

Photo Credit: Jessica Cloe

These cloches with mini Christmas trees from Mini Moore Designs are super adorable. I picked up one myself!

Photo Credit: Mini Moore Design

Who doesn’t love a cute mini vintage truck with a tree in the back? This little fellow from A Musing Miniatures would look so pretty on the mantle!

And this little sack of reindeer feed would look cute on the fireplace hearth. 

Photo Credits: A Musing Miniatures

I’m also obsessed with these reindeer jars from Mini Fanaberia. They would look super cute on the mantle or your coffee table with candy for mini guests. I grabbed one!

Photo Credit: Mini Fanaberia

This fun holiday movie tv from Bijou Dollhouse Shop is so original. I love it. So if your mantle has a tv, consider this. I’d pick Elf for my scene.

Photo Credit: Bijou Dollhouse Shop

10. Delicious Mini Baked Goods

And, last but not least are the delicious miniature baked goods for the holidays. I love a cute set of cookies or a table setting with some food in a dollhouse. So real.

I love these cookies on a tray from Mini Art House. While Christmas-themed, they have a neutral feel that I love and would be perfect for my dollhouse kitchen.

Photo Credit: Mini Art House

Little Crumbs Bakery is someone I follow on Instagram, and I’m always looking forward to their new releases. This set of cupcakes is to die for, don’t you think!

Photo Credit: Little Crumbs Bakery

This little buttered rum cake in a tin is so original from PetitDlicious. I spent a long time in this shop in awe at how beautiful everything looked.

Photo Credit: PetitDlicious

And, of course, I had to find a more traditional gingerbread house. But I found something better. A gingerbread tree from ETC Miniatures!

Photo Credit: ETC Miniatures

Finding Christmas minis wasn’t a bad gig. I wish I could buy them all. There is some serious talent in our community, and I am sure you can appreciate the hard work in all of these lovely pieces. Support your handmade artists this holiday season!

*Some of these items may no longer be available as handmade items are typically limited. These artists did not pay for the placement of these products.

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Looking to add Christmas to your dollhouse? Here are 10 Christmas miniature must-haves for your dollhouse that you won’t want to exclude and are pretty much drool-worthy. Find more amazing miniatures for Christmas at theminidistrict.com.

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  1. Sandra Kitchener on November 11, 2021 at 8:34 am

    Thanks for this great post! There’s never enough time to make what I want so having the links to these sellers is so helpful!

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    • Holly M Holly M on November 14, 2021 at 12:20 pm

      Happy to share!!!

  3. Mish V Mish V on November 27, 2021 at 4:26 pm

    I love everything shown here. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love Christmas minis. So much inspiration right here. Thank you for sharing

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