5 Dollhouse Miniature Blogs You are Sure to Love


5 Dollhouse Miniature Blogs You are Sure to Love

The web has a wealth of information and inspiration for miniature lovers.

With so much exciting, and addicting, information on a variety of social media platforms, we sometimes forget about blogs. If you have ever created a blog you know just how much time and energy they can take. With that said, I thought I’d shout out a few of my favorite miniature blogs and all the hard work of these artists.

Here are 5 that are definitely worth checking out! Please reach out if there are any you think we should add to the list.


Paper Doll Miniatures

Kristine Hanna of  Paper Doll Miniatures is a Canadian miniaturist and dollhouse creator. Kristine’s blog documents her amazing creations and she is very generous with her easy-to-follow tutorials. If modern miniatures are your thing, then you will definitely want to check out her blog.

Jenns Minis

This blog is definitely all devoted to minis! The artist does a great job documenting, giving us tips and taking us on a journey of her numerous projects. I’m sure you will learn something new and create a  beautiful miniature along the way.

Cinderella Moments

Cinderella Moments is all about miniature cottages, houses, design, and architecture. The tiny details, cozy atmospheres, sophisticated touches are wonderful eye candy for any miniature lover. This blog is very inviting and the charm is irresistible.

Joannes Minis

Joanne is no stranger to the miniature world, she starting creating back in the 80’s. I enjoy this blog for JoAnne’s vast knowledge of crafts and how she used these skills for Miniature making.

Kendras Minis

This Dollhouse Miniatures Blog is filled with tutorials and any mini creator will definitely learn something new. Kendra shares her work with fabrics, paper, and found objects. Her website is also a must see, where she has indexed articles of her 30 year collection of Miniature Collector, Nutshell News and Dollhouse Miniatures.

Bonus Blog!

Marion Swiss

Although not active I really like this blog for the great DIYs. Marion is a Swiss miniature model builder, in 1:12 dollhouse scale. She also has a vast knowledge of 3D-printed modern scale furniture and shares her creations on shapeways.com.

That’s it! Hope you find new inspiration. Let me know if there are any You love that I could include.


  1. Kim on February 5, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    Great info Rachel! I always enjoy your posts! Blog and otherwise! 😊

    • Rachel K Rachel K on February 6, 2022 at 5:54 pm

      Thank you Kim! Its always nice to hear feedback! Anything you’d like to learn or think the next blog should be about?

  2. Jill on February 11, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com should definitely be on your blog list! She has amazing tutorials 😊

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