Best Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures


Best Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures

Not sure what the best glue to use for a certain Dollhouse Miniature project?  Well, you aren’t alone! I was so frustrated when starting out and when using the wrong glue. More than once I was devastated when my perfect project was trash after the glue dried and turned my piece yellow or sometimes even warped it.

If you have any of these questions then this article is for you: How does one know what glue is best for wood furniture kits?  What glue is best for fabric to cardboard? How to glue Foam Core together?  What is the best glue for beads?

By asking other miniaturists and my own trail and error here is what I came up with for the best glues to use for certain materials:

Chart of Best Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures:



Tacky Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures

For paper, plastic, wood, fabric, cardboard, foam core and styrofoam my top pick are:

These glues can be used for almost anything! The only material I don’t like to use them for is gluing wood to wood. For that, I use wood glue.

The only con about using these glues are their tips. For miniature making I always transfer the glue to smaller bottles with very small tips. This was a game changer for me!

Wood Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures

For gluing wood to wood, I only use wood glue and this is because it can be sanded.  Wood glue also grabs pretty quickly and holds strongly.

My Favorite wood glue is: Gorilla Household Glue. I like this glue because its long-lasting and super strong.

Super Glue for Dollhouse Miniatures

Loctite Super Glue is my favorite super glue when I need a quick set. However, there a lot of different ones on the market that work well. The Gorilla Super Glue is also a great product.

Spray Adhesive for Dollhouse Miniatures

I mostly use spray adhesive for Wallpapering my miniature scenes. I haven’t found a brand I’m in love with yet. I have used Crafter’s Pick and Elmer brands and it worked as expected. I did find that if you can find a repositionable kind, it makes life easier.  


Dollhouse Glue Tips

  • Just say No to hot glue guns. Building a Dollhouse kit with a glue gun is a bad idea! They don’t form a strong bond and they leave gaps. Any dollhouse kit making pro will tell you to avoid them all together.
  • Clamp are your best friend. Clamp pieces together if possible while miniatures dry. No Clamps? Use anything from Scotch tape, chip clips, to rubber bands to hold everything together while it dries.
  • Keep toothpicks on hand. You’ll need them to clean up excess glue.
  • Use water-free glue when adhering shingles. Any glue with water in it can curl the wood shingles and ruin all that hard work quickly.
  • Use No Glue if Possible. Use Mini Hold Wax to hang pictures and stick miniatures to furniture, such as vases and photo frames. Also great to hand your miniature curtains. This non-permanent method is great and leave no ‘grease’ stains. The small interior designer inside you will thank you!

Great Glue for Miniatures Resource:

Check out this website! Its a great resource for all your glue questions:

Do you have a favorite glue? Comment below and let’s add it to the list.


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  1. Shaun Renato on February 18, 2022 at 11:56 am

    What a thorough review. I need a fine tip for my Aleenes Tacky. It is my go to glue but I am a messy gluer.

    • Rachel K Rachel K on February 21, 2022 at 10:02 pm

      Yes… get one! Its a game changer!

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