Meet Brittany- nurse, mom and talented Miniature Maker


Meet Brittany- nurse, mom and talented Miniature Maker

Meet Brittany- a registered nurse and mom to 3 little girls. Miniature making for Brittany started when she bought her girls a dollhouse for Christmas in 2020. Planning on buying furnishing for the dollhouse, she quickly found that pieces for the house were expensive. That’s when she decided to try and make a few pieces herself. She found that she really enjoyed it and that she was good at it! Friends and family pushed her to make more and start selling on Etsy! Its been a huge success and she’s constantly pushing herself to learn more about the miniature world. Take a listen to find out more about her story. 

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Find Brittany on Instagram: @Dabbledibsminis and on Etsy: 

Transcribed Episode:

Hello friends, and welcome to my miniature obsession podcast. I’m your host, Rachel Karpf. This podcast is about all things miniature, we will explore the world of minis, and all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. Here for miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are the most devastating failures and the most uplifting successes, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary in miniature.

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Good. How are you?

Can you hear me? Okay? Yes. Good. Well, thank you so much for joining me today. Where are you calling in from?

I’m in Georgia. Like north of Atlanta. The suburbs, basically.

Okay, so that warmer there then here in cold Wisconsin?

Well, yeah, probably more than there but we actually just got some snow. So it’s there’s still low snow out there, which only happens like every two years rarely.

So whether you like a dusting the half an inch or?

Like I don’t know, what did they say some parts of North Georgia got like eight to 10 Oh, but it was like part of this Renner storm that came through but I think here was maybe like two inches.

Okay, so it’s still good amount here. We don’t have a lot of snow. But the temperature it’s supposed to be like highest 70 miles. So yay. Yeah, that’s my husband. Why do we live here again, why Wisconsin, but it is what it is. So Well, thank you. I looking at your Instagram and you were like, you know everything you have, like every amazing mini tool that there is. And so when I was looking at your feed, I’m like, well, she’s got to have like an art major background or like she’s a graphic designer. And then when you said you’re a registered nurse, I was like, Okay, wow, a registered nurse with all these cool gadgets. So how did you get started? And I’m just curious,

right? Yeah, no, I had that makes no sense at all, really. And I never saw this ever becoming a hobby of mine really? Like no, no thought of it at all. Like I never even had a dollhouse as a kid like, nothing. So it came about was we have three little girls and I always wanted a doll house as a kid. I had a friend that had one I thought it was really cool. So coming up with Christmas ideas were like, Let’s get a nice big doll house for them that you know, we can make it nice and then they can have it, you know, hopefully maybe keep it and pass it down to their kids one day. So we bought one made or like I was gonna go and go buy some furniture. And I started looking at it was so expensive. So like, you know, I could probably make this. So I just started making like a bed a couch, different things and everybody’s like, Wow, that’s pretty good. I’m like, I’m just copying things I’ve seen you know, and it just kind of escalated from there. Really. I’ve always enjoyed building things and art stuff. I was just never that good at art. I can’t I can’t draw for anything. But I enjoy it. And so it just you know you build a piece of furniture like a dresser and then it was well I need handles for it. Again go to look to buy them and you’re like wow, like $8 for for tiny little handles like I could make that, then I got my 3d printer. And that’s how it started.

So a couple questions. Did you say you built the actual dollhouse? Or did you buy? No, no, we bought basically a shell that was already assembled. So it didn’t have any wall like the walls weren’t in it. It didn’t have flooring or anything, but it was a shell. And then we were going to finish it.

Okay, and but how long do you think it took you to finish it?

Well, it’s still not finished. It’s almost finished. But we, my husband actually wanted to make it wired. So, and he’s never done any of this stuff, either. And he’s not into it at all anymore, but he wanted to wire it. So that took a lot of time. But he did all the wiring. And then I’ve been slowly finishing out the flooring and different things, and it’s just taken as a lot of time.

So the dollhouse now turned into mom’s doll house, or can the girls play with it at all?

Oh, no, it’s still theirs. It is definitely there’s like, I actually don’t have one for me. I just enjoy making the stuff for it. And I enjoy doing it for other people. I really like when they message me, or contact me and ask for something specific, it kind of gets me excited. It’s like something new. It’s kind of like a challenge to see. Can you make this? So that’s an

example sample of something that you’ve custom made for someone?

Oh, yeah, lots and lots of things. Some wood, a lot of 3d printing, because not everybody is, you know, really gets the 3d printing because it is quite complicated. So there’s been, you know, different light fixtures, certain handles on things. Furniture, I’ve done a lot of bathroom vanities done some kitchen sinks or cabinets, chairs, tables, any really just about every anything. I’ve made at least one of them probably.

So let’s talk like how did you even know about 3d printing? Or is it Instagram? Or how did you come about?

Ah, I think it was when I was just making the furniture for my kids house. Again, it was the handles like buying the handles. And buying them is even kind of hard. Like they’re not easily accessible. Like you have to buy them from a specialty shop. So I just started thinking about, I saw that people were making them with like different jewelry items, beads and things. And I tried that, but I just didn’t like that it didn’t for me. It didn’t work. I like realism, you know, I want it to look real. So then I just started. I don’t I can’t even exactly remember where I came up with the idea of 3d printing. But then I really dug into like researching it. Later, lot of research on the different kinds of printers from the filament to the resin. And then which one is better for miniatures? I watched a lot of YouTube videos about them. And then basically, it came out. Like if you want very small items with some detail, then you needed a resin printer. So I bought one like bottom line, like a cheap little one. I was like, you know, I’ll just play around and see if I actually like it. Because I’m really not a tech person. Like, I’ve never been into all this technology stuff. And I definitely am not. Definitely not good with computers before besides just like your basic things. But if you get one like you kind of have to be you have to dig in and really get into it. You can’t just lightly do 3d printing like no, you got to get in there.

I got the it was from any cubic. And it was just like their basic bottom. I think it was just the photon I think it was okay. It was one of their smallest ones. And then I did that for just a few months, maybe two months. And I was like alright, I need bigger because it was small. And I’m like I want to do more. I was getting more and more into it. Like how exciting it is that you can create something and then it builds it like it’s just amazing to me.

So what what do you use now?

I still had go with the company anycubic I really like there’s I haven’t had any problem with the company. Now I have the photon Moto X, which is their biggest builder plate for resin right now.

Would you say that’s the only difference between their big one and their small one. It’s just the plate or does it? Is it faster or anything else?

Yeah, is definitely very different. It has higher resolution it can make. So you get more detail. It’s much bigger. It’s also much faster. So when I was started making bathtubs, which is one of my biggest sellers, everybody loves their bathtubs, it would take, you could say, like, maybe 12 hours to print on that first printer, or now it’s only eight hours. So it definitely cut the time down. They still take a long time, but it’s it’s faster. And I can make more than just one at a time as well, which is very helpful.

That is a lot bigger than I’m still using that introductory one. But the one thing I don’t like and maybe what’s your thoughts? I’m like, so fine, you get it. You model it your prints it, then you kind of sand it and paint it. I always.

Yes, yeah, I do, too. Like I said, Bad subs is one of my biggest selling things that I have. And they require the most of that because you want your bad stuff to be smooth and shiny. So it requires a lot of sanding. And it does get exhausting my arms like my shoulders start hurting after a while from it, then it just seems so silly. It’s like this tiny little bathtub like takes so much effort. But it does pay off I think in the end, because you can make exactly what you want it to be, you know, and it just so happens that other people like it, too. So it worked out for me because originally I bought it for us. But it’s then it’s become you know, other people like it and want it to so it helped me pay for that printer.

That’s so cool that you never thought you would be doing this and it how it just morphed into that. That’s so amazing. So to pray in 3d, do you use a spray gun or use a spray can? How do you what’s your tip for painting?

For me, I like doing spray cans right now. I mean, I’ve thought about the spray guns, but that’s like, more equipment that I just haven’t dived to yet. And I don’t exactly have a great place for it right now. It’s like in my garage does not ideal, but right now I just use spray paints and that way it’s like an even coat without any brushstrokes on it. So it looks more real.

Yeah. And well, like I said, Wisconsin, I can’t spray paint here, you know, in the winter, so it’s so hard. That’s like, seven months, basically. Okay, maybe not. Yeah, but a long time where I can’t use spray cans. It’s, it’s not fun. Yeah, with it

being sold right now, I definitely understand that I’ve, I’ve had to bring my cans inside to have them warm up, go out and spray and bring it back inside. Because I don’t want all the dust and fumes and everything in the house, obviously. But it’s definitely more challenging when it’s cold.

For sure. So what program are you using to create your 3d models?

I really, I mean, I’m still again, this is still really new to me. It’s been less than a year that I’ve been doing it, but I still just use Tinkercad right now. I tried. I tried really hard of getting into like the fusion thing is fusion 360. But it was just so complicated. I gave up. So back to Tinkercad really is where I do most of mine

asked me to I even bought Skillshare thinking I was going to teach myself fusion 360. And let’s just say I bought it in October, and I haven’t touched it. So I feel your pain there. It’s just learning another new programming. Yeah. But yeah, and I feel like you can do a lot for sure. So is it just YouTube if you’re stuck? Or where do you go for inspiration? Or tips? And if you’re stuck with something Tinkercad

Yeah, that’s some, I guess for that is more just practicing just messing around with it and adjusting things here and there. I’ve also seen different people on Instagram that use it. And I’ve seen their tips and tricks too. And it’s just taking a little bit in from everywhere. Like I have learned so much from all the different people on Instagram from just the regular posts, like oh, that’s an interesting, you know, interesting way that they did it. Maybe that would make it easier than the way I’ve been doing it. But I think you know, taking those in those little tips and tricks from people but also just messing around with it frequently of different things. Like when somebody asks for something, I’ll go in there and start messing with the shapes and see if like, I can make it look that way by adding these different shapes taking away things. I mean, it’s just a it’s a It’s kind of like geometry, you know, back in school and adding shapes and angles and all the different math. I never thought I would use math so much in my life. But here we are,

you must have a lot of patience. Because I, you know,

I really don’t I, my husband tells me a lot of time, I have like, no patience at all. So it’s just I think it’s the end result that I like. Now, if it didn’t come out, well, then I do get very frustrated. And I like want to give up like, No, I tried it. It didn’t come out. I don’t like this moving on. But when you get the end result that you wanted, and it’s very satisfying, especially if it’s for somebody and you’re so excited be like, That’s exactly what I wanted. Okay, it was worth it. You know, all that time was worth it.

Well, you’ve come a long way in one year. I mean, I look at your photos and everything that you’ve only been doing this for a year. So kudos to you. And it looks like you also have a laser cutter.

Yes. That’s my newest love. You started that because of this newfound passion of miniatures, or did you know how to laser cut before that?

No, nope, that came. Because I really like when beginning I like working with wood. I’ve always liked that my, my dad was in construction when I was a kid. And I would help out every now and then when I’d stay with them. And I just always liked building things. I thought it was pretty cool. So I liked working with wood. But it’s harder to do. Getting those exact, I guess the hardest part is like getting those exact angles and getting those straight lines when you’re trying to build furniture, it can’t be crooked, or the whole thing is going to look off. So that was always my big frustration with building the miniature furniture when I was just using a craft knife and a ruler, you know, it was trying to get them straight. So I actually first got the Cricut maker, my husband got it for me and tried using that for cutting wood. But even that was frustrating. It didn’t always cut it straight either, because it would kind of get caught on the grain. So then it felt like I was just wasting a lot of wood using that and more time. So then I eventually now that like, you know, my business was picking up and I was getting more income, I felt more comfortable to go buy something a little more expensive, like the laser cutter, and it is fantastic. Like no regrets on that I can get perfectly straight angles, straight lines. I mean, it’s exact measurement. Like that has been so nice.

And which one did you get? What laser cutter

I have got is from flux is the company and it’s the BMO. Yeah,

I researched that one. It’s a smaller bed. Right? Like, is it like eight by 12? Or something like pretty?

Yeah, it is. It is smaller than like the Glowforge. But it’s also like, a lot cheaper too. Yeah, so it’s kind of like the same thing I did with 3d printer is I love it. I’ll start with a smaller one and see how it goes. But also, I’m also making all miniatures stuff. So I don’t necessarily need a very large, you know, cut area either. So it’s, it’s for that really well I really enjoy it. The program for it is really simple, easy if you can, if you can make 3d stuff, you can definitely do the laser cutter, it’s much easier. It’s just that 2d image instead of a 3d.

So I thought I was at kind of an advantage because being a graphic designer, I know illustrator. So to mean to bring the files over for 3d printing, or I’m sorry, laser cutting. I thought it was a little bit out of advantage. But so they have a pretty good program that’s easy to learn then for BMO, or Yeah, might burn or whatever you’re using.

It’s just there’s I mean, it’s for the it’s what you would I don’t know how Glowforge works, but I’m assuming you probably have to transfer files to theirs to do it, but I don’t really know.

But I’m there. So I’m not sure about the Glowforge either, but

Yeah, I don’t know. But it’s from the company. You know, when you buy one, this is what you send from this to the cutter. And I mean, it’s just like, it’s basic, and but it’s easy to use. And I’ve been using that and I just recently started trying to use Illustrator and I’m still learning that one because there’s a lot more that you can do with that and I’ve never used it before. But it definitely that is more detailed than the one that comes with the cutter. But as far as like getting started, it’s easy to jump on and add some shapes, put them together and make a cut.

So you have three small girls, where do you find it? Time to learn all this time cut out like this is mom time me time or?

No, not really. I my older two there, they’re nine, six and three. So the older two are in school during the day, the younger one she I mean, she’s in and out. She’s around. She’s playing. I mean, my office is our house is kind of more like a open concept area. So it’s not shut off or anything. So she kind of just around playing and watch the show and then come talk to me. I mean, it’s just little bits throughout the day. I don’t have any specific time it just kind of in between things, you know, and never and sometimes it’ll be I’ll stay up late when everybody goes to bed. So then I can just have a specific time where nobody’s going to interrupt me.

Yeah, when you said that I was like, wow, she’s like my hero that she was like, three young girls and all this time and still creating and working as a nurse then or will this miniatures? maybe be a full time gig?

No, this is still my hobby, really. I end like I said, I enjoy building and making things. But I also really still like working in the hospital. Once we had a couple kids, it was I had to cut back more and more. It just made more sense. It’s really hard to work 12 hour shifts, and have little kids. And my husband is he works in healthcare as well. And his schedule is changing, and it’s unpredictable at times. So I do still work at the hospital about once a month on a weekend. But otherwise, I’m at home. Always.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
If someone said to you why? Why managers I get this question a lot, like kind of weird. Looks like you do what I’m like, Yes, I love all those miniatures like Do you have a reason that you would tell them I like it because

Unknown Speaker 21:58
I like it because I can do it in my house. So actually, before you even bought the dollhouse, I was getting different types of furniture and I would refinish them. Like I did a couple desk I did a dresser, different things like that. But they’re real size. Yes, like real size. So they’re large, it takes up a lot more time, energy space, and I enjoy it. But I can’t be doing that all the time, especially in the winter. I’m not hanging out outside for hours on this piece of furniture. So with miniatures, I can do it inside a smaller scale, but it’s still kind of feels like the same thing. I’m still using a lot of the same ideas for it. So I just enjoy that building making something and helping other people get what they want to.

Unknown Speaker 22:52
Yeah, that’s so cool. Do you have any tips or tricks for like finishing a piece? Like the stains you like to use wax shoe polish I I’ve seen people use what do you like to finish with

Unknown Speaker 23:06
it? That’s That’s my weak spot is the specialty finishes and stuff like I’m I can’t quite do that yet. My part is the building mainly as far as finishing when I when I do finish something I mean, especially the wood items, while actually all of them is sanding, make sure the sanding is really well and dusted off like no dust left on it. And then I like I said I like spray paints even. I found a spray paint that is a stain, like a wood color stain that you can still see the woodgrain I use that break in. That’s interesting. Yes. And I’ve only found one brand that does it. I think it’s from Michaels. And I love it. It works. It looks just like stain but it’s spray so it works well.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Like using it. I hate when you paint and you get the strokes from the paint. Yeah, yes,

Unknown Speaker 23:59
yeah, bothers me a lot. So that’s why this brain just works really well for me. And then also the spray works well too, because with wood furniture, especially these tiny ones, it’s hard to keep the glue off of it. And if you get any bit of glue on the wood and then try to stain it after it won’t take the stain so it’ll look splotchy. But the spray doesn’t do that. It’ll still cover it and look just fine.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
Once on, so do you recommend Do you ever like spray your pieces first and then put them together?

Unknown Speaker 24:35
I have. But I find that sometimes when I do that, or a lot of times when I do that it takes away my measurements it because it adds another little layer. So then things don’t fit perfectly like they would before they were painted. So it would just depend on the piece. If it’s a simple box then sure but if it’s like got drawers or doors on it, then I don’t know I want to make sure everything fits right and has the right space.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yes. Well, that’s interesting. Yes, I do know. I’ve done that before where you glue and then you go to stain and you’re like, oh, like, yeah, ruins your piece basically.

Unknown Speaker 25:11
It’s fresh. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:13
Yeah. So where do you get your inspiration for our for what to build? You looking at magazines? Internet’s?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Yeah. Yeah, a little bit of everywhere, I guess, sometimes people send me pictures of something they like they want. And I just do that. Other times, it would be from an advertisement or a picture I see from some home interior designer, you know, and they have some piece of furniture. And sometimes, I got like an advertisement in the mail, like a junk mail like crazy. But one it was like a Pottery Barn, and they had a bathroom vanity on it. And that’s what I was like, I gotta make that, like, it looks so cool. I want to make it smaller. So a little bit of everywhere, I definitely don’t come up with them in my mind. Like, I have to see a piece and then I can recreate it. Very rarely have I just come up with something on my own and made it I normally see something as inspiration and remake it.

Unknown Speaker 26:17
So what’s your process then? Is it like, Okay, I want to make this piece, then you got to get the dimensions probably convert them? Or you like, have to draw it out? Like me Like I see it on paper, you put it through the laser?

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Yes. Yes, exactly. That’s, it’s kind of comical to me. Like, it probably takes me a lot more time the way that I do it. But I have to write it down. And I write out all my measurements. And sometimes I actually just bought some graph paper recently, because I like to see it in front of me because you have on a screen. It’s not exactly to scale, you know, on the screen, you can’t see it in the same size as it’s going to come out. So yeah, I write it, I draw it out. I write it out, hit all my measurements, and then I go to the program and put it in.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Okay, yeah, you’re kind of like me the same way. Yeah, it’s so much fun. It’s but it’s also frustrating, I think when you’re doing a laser because one little measurement and it doesn’t fit where like, if you’re building it by hand, you can like, oh, I’ll just sand this a little more. So it is so a lot different. I’ve heard someone say, well, you’re kind of cheating if you use a laser and it’s like, I don’t think so. I think it’s a whole new art form. And on its own, it’s got its challenges. And you know, for sure,

Unknown Speaker 27:36
yeah, I mean, it doesn’t build it for you, it doesn’t do the measurements for you like that is the hardest part is getting all the measurements correctly. And depending on your laser and depending on what you’re using the cut is how you need to measure that wood to because the laser cutter can make a larger cut than say just a straight knife. So your measurements may be a millimeter or two off. So there’s always an adjustment it is definitely I don’t think it’s God. It just saves my finger from some pain from using a knife.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
You find any material like that’s my biggest thing too is supplies feel like I haven’t found like a perfect wood yet. And like you said, if you change up woods, your your settings could be all different. So yeah, frustrating to me is finding that perfect wood supplies.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
What I like to use is bass wood. That’s the what I use for

Unknown Speaker 28:34
everything. I eighth of an inch or 16.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Now I use like mainly, I do the 116 and the 332. And, and though I think it’s the 132 are my main ones I use the smaller. I know like

Unknown Speaker 28:52
faster though. It’s like very flexible.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
I in this really thin one, which when I use the really thin one. It’s mainly for just like a trend piece that’s already on top of another piece of wood, but by itself, the thin ones Yes, but the bigger ones No, they’re not. Now, I know that if some people had you balsa wood, I really do not like balsa I feel like it doesn’t it definitely doesn’t stain or paint well and it’s so soft. That it it can create a lot of dents and divots very easily like I just have never really liked that one.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Okay, yeah, I’ll have to look into a smaller I just feel like basswood whenever I got it was really flimsy but it could be where I got it from again. I’m still searching for that perfect wood I guess.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Yeah, well the little sticker pieces I think. I don’t find them very flimsy dailies for what I have seen anyway. I just find that it’s a nicer quality to use for the furniture and they paint well and you can stay in them Okay, and that’s just how I’ve been, you know? Who was that? There’s, uh, oh my gosh, now her name is gonna escape me but the lady that makes furniture on YouTube all the time was it like,

Unknown Speaker 30:15
maker or squares? Julia?

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Julia Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Julie Warren. Yes. Like she’s the one that I originally when I first wanted to make a piece of furniture. I watched her videos, and I loved it. Like, she did so good at explaining it and going through each piece, but um, she uses a lot of bass went to. Okay, so that’s kind of how I got into the bass. But I completely forgot to mention her earlier. But definitely she’s she’s great. And I think she has several books out about it.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
Yes, actually. Yeah, I saw him on Amazon. That’s how I her name. Yeah, that’s where I thought of it. So yeah, so I guess I’ll just have to keep playing around with what because laser cutter is very new to me. I just recently got it up and running. It was in my basement for a good month and a half and we finally had time to set it up. So it’s been fun playing around for sure. So are you going to get yourself your own dollhouse and start filling it with all your fun creations.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
Um, you know, I, I have a dollhouse that in the meantime, when my husband was wiring our kids bigger dollhouse. I got one on marketplace like for like $30 as a smaller one. And I actually re finished it like, took basically like cut it down to a lot of parts and like rebuilt parts of it and made it more modern. And that was a lot of fun, too, is making it different than just the kit made it kind of thing. And I did finish that one. And that’s what they’re actually playing with right now while the other ones still in the shop. But I thought about maybe doing that with that when once the big one is done and the kids can have that that one back. But they say they want both of them to be neighbors now. So I don’t know about

Unknown Speaker 32:09
you just not gonna get any don’t

Unknown Speaker 32:11
know. I mean, I love seeing all these people’s pictures and how great they are. But really, I am not an interior designer. So like, I’m not sure mine would look as good as I would want it to look, you know, like putting the pieces all together to make them all cohesive is a little more difficult for me. Yeah. Good. I can

Unknown Speaker 32:33
see that for sure. So does your nine year old like to make them at all? Have you got her involved?

Unknown Speaker 32:40
She you know, when we first got it, we all sat down with clay and made the different clay items for it like different foods and things. So everybody kind of did that at first. But interestingly is when she was at school, one of her teachers showed her Tinkercad and she started designing on tinker. So just the other day, we 3d printed her first little items, she made a keychain for herself. But it was a start. So she came to me yesterday and even said, Oh, I’ve made a doughnut and I’ve made ice cream. And now I’m making bunk beds. So it’s so cool. Yeah, so she’s the 3d printing. She’s very interested in that. But we also made a, you know, like one of those little kits that they sell, that it’s not necessarily like a play, but it’s like a scene setup. It’s like a house with all of the stuff in it. It’s like a scene. And this was like for decoration. I think they’re very small. We did one of those and recently finished it. And she did the majority of that with me. And she did enjoy it, though, I think I think she would like given an opportunity of saying here’s your house, how do you want to do it? I think she would really enjoy that.

And where did you get those themes that you were just talking about? Is it like,

actually that when it was a while back like it was some giveaway on Instagram, okay, that somebody did and gave it away we actually want it and so I gave it to her and said I’m going to help you, you know you’re going to do about I’ll help you with it. And we kind of did that together.

That’s cool. She’s gonna be the next generation of miniatures right to take Yeah, that’d be a hobby alive. That’s right. That’s so cool. So where can someone find you if they want to have you make them a piece for their their mini scenes?

Unknown Speaker 34:39
Instagram and also Etsy either one like I I take messages on all of them. And then just just ask really, I mean, just asked show me a picture and tell me pro like approximate size and then we go from there.

Unknown Speaker 34:54
And it’s dabbled dibs. So can you explain a little bit is there any story on that? name.

I’m kind of, actually I mean, I’ve been kind of going into some different kinds of crafts and stuff throughout the years. My mother in law is very, very much into craft stuff. So whenever I showed a slight interest in some things, you’d always be bringing me something Oh, try this do that. So years ago, I thought about doing an Etsy store. And so I put one on there, but I never actually listed anything. I never actually opened it. But because I had no real like goal or specific purpose, I was doing all different kinds of things. So it the name just came to me it was like dabble, you know, you like kind of dabble in this in different things. And then there’s like, and then somebody else was like, isn’t it dibble? And it was like, well, dabble. Dibs is just kind of where it came is like, I’m into a little bit of this, a little bit of that. But then, like I said, this store, I never actually opened anything. And it just hung out there until this last year. Like, well, that’s what it is. So just kind of stuck.

And it’s still you’re dabbling in woodworking in 3d printing is so it still fits. So is your mother in law into miniatures?

Unknown Speaker 36:17
No, no, she’s more like scrapbooking type stuff like paper and different things like that. And I think she’s even doing some like, wind chimes like metal isn’t very different. But she’s always really into craft stuff and always bring in my kids things to make craft wise. So I feel like we have just about every kind of craft thing you could want is in our house somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Cuz I’m like that would be cool for you know, your mother in law just kept bringing your miniatures to your house and work with and

Unknown Speaker 36:51
I know, that’s why this is really random. Like, I don’t know anybody that does it. I never saw anybody do it. It’s just like I said, I mean, over a year ago, you would have ever said, you’re going to start making miniatures. I’d be like, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Like there’s no way.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
You’re a crafty nurse. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
I guess, though.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
And maybe this is your way of you know, for me, it’s therapeutic. It’s a stress reliever. I. So I think that’s for a lot of people. So maybe that could be yours. Oh, thank you, again for meeting with me and sharing all your wisdom and tips and tricks. Again, I can’t believe we’ve only been doing this for a year. So I can’t wait to see what is in store for you next, you know, in another year, you’re you’re off and running already. So

Unknown Speaker 37:40
we’ll see. No.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
And I will put all the links and everything so people can find you and maybe you can make their next creation.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Yeah, I would love it. I mean, really, I really really do like getting those requests because it’s kind of like another challenge and I get so excited about it. And I definitely appreciate you call you get in touch with me too. Is this fun?

Unknown Speaker 38:05
Oh yeah. No problem. I love to meet new militarists and you know new people and it’s just amazing to hear their stories and how they got started and hopefully keep us happy alive. Yeah.

Yeah, definitely. It seems like it is it’s thriving.

If one thing from COVID One good thing it’s it. miniatures are thriving again.

Well, thank you again. Enjoy your day.



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