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The Cafe is where we can come together and share and help one another with their miniature hobby, our discussion forums. Please note that any hard selling is not permitted. You are welcome to share where you got something, but please don't blatantly advertise your products unless we have a special forum section for that or an event that allows it. You will need to register an account to participate though. 

The Cafe and our email list sign-up are NOT the same thing. If you want to get on our email list tap on Warehouse in the menu and sign up to get that and the password to the page where our freebies are located. This is a universal password for all to get that page to open. It is NOT your individual user account.

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[Sticky] Welcome and Rules

Holly McCaig
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Welcome to the Mini District forums called The Cafe. 

Here we welcome all miniaturists to come and share, inspire and get to know each other better. Got a question, this is the best place to ask it! The more you post and reply in the forums, the faster it will grow, giving everyone a resource they can depend on.

Your mayors are Holly McCaig (Aspen Miniature) and Rachel Karpf (Mic Drop Miniatures). 

Our future is exciting. Rachel and I have been working on this project in phases. Our launch phase is what you see now. It's where we'll be sharing a new blog post every Tuesday, offer freebies in our Warehouse (new items added every month), and the Cafe (where you are now) to share and get to know everyone. It's free for all to use these parts of our website. 

Our Phase 2 will consist of a Marketplace directory. One thing we have noticed is that it's super hard to find exactly what you are looking for. For instance, if your dollhouse is all Farmhouse styling, wouldn't it be great to find shops that are selling Farmhouse-style products they make? This is going to be so great to find exactly what you need in one spot! Look for Phase 2 to launch in November.

We'll be sure to share more about our future phases with you soon. But some hints are that we'll have a paid membership program with levels that offer something for everyone including workshops and more.

So welcome again, come in and have some fun in the Cafe with us!

But there are a few rules!

  1. No selling. The Mini District will be launching a Marketplace next month where makers can advertise in our directory along with post new product releases and sales. So, until then, please don't post products for sale. You are welcome to share items you make, but selling is reserved for our paid Marketplace vendors starting next month.
  2. Please keep on the topic by finding the forum that matches. If you're not sure, post your topic where you believe it should go and we'll look at moving anything or creating new forums as the community grows and needs more.
  3. Chit Chat is for off-topic chatter. Got something you wanna share? This is a great place to share your life and more. But please avoid any religious or political discussions. We reserve the right to remove members that can't be civil or polite to one another. 

If you need help with your account like adding your profile picture or other items, click this link and you can tap on the GEAR icon to make edits. If you need support with the site or have questions for us, please use our Contact page to reach us.

And, finally, we are new, we'll have growing pains we're sure. But your support means the world to us and we can't wait to make more connections.

Holly McCaig
Admin and Co-Owner
Aspen Miniature


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