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Tip to make tiny baby blocks

Cecelia Quilty
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alphabet blocks

I had a really hard time making alphabet blocks by hand because they just weren't perfect enough for me in terms of consistency and straightness of the lines and letters. Then I had a brainstorm - see if there was a font for it! Sure enough, I found a free font named "P22 Toy Box Blocks Line"! All I had to do was use Word to type out a bunch of letters, in different colors and in a font sized to fit the 6mm wood cubes I'd made. It did add steps (print/cut/glue), rather than just drawing/painting directly onto the blocks, but to me it was well worth it!   

Of course, this could be done in a graphics program too, possibly even with the letters attached to each other so that they could just be folded and wrapped around the blocks, but I found this easier to manage for what I needed.  




Holly McCaig
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@cmlq - love that! Yes, you'd be amazed at some of the awesome fonts like this - dingbat type fonts are soooo good for this.

Holly McCaig
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Aspen Miniature


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