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Which cricut to buy

Joanne Kinsey
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Hi, I'm seriously considering a cricut.  Which is the best one for miniatures.  I've been told to get the maker model, but there are more than one maker.  What is the difference between the maker and the maker-3 or any others that i haven't heard of.  And is it worth it to get the bundles with it. My main reason is because I have trouble cutting pieces to the exact size by hand or even with a saw.  For instance, if I were making Kitchen cabinets, the pieces would be perfectly cut. Thanks

Rachel Karpf
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I believe both the Cricut Maker and the Maker 3 can cut the same materials but the main difference between both machines is that the Maker 3 will allow you to cut without a Cricut Mat and two times faster, IF when working with Smart Materials


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