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Baby shower room bo...
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Baby shower room box

Shaun Renato
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Joined: 8 months ago
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One of my friends had a baby a few years back and the shower theme was books. All her decorations and her cake followed around children's stories and books and we were asked to bring our favorite. 


One of my favorites is Good Night Moon. It's so descriptive and identifies every object "in the great green room." I couldn't help myself and had to create that room as a nightlight for the nursery. 

I found a lantern and my hubby helped me to wire it with one of those ceramic tree bulbs so that it plugged into an outlet and had am easy on and off switch. It lights up with a soft look since the bulb is tucked up in the roof of the lantern.

IMG 20210502 131315 714

After it lit the challenge was creating every item in the story which I did outside of the little old lady who was whispering hush. Take a peek inside and enjoy the great green room.

IMG 20210502 131315 738

Have you ever made a room box from your favorite childhood book?

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Holly McCaig
Trusted Member Admin
Joined: 10 months ago
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Love this idea, Shaun!

Holly McCaig
Admin and Co-Owner
Aspen Miniature

Cecelia Quilty
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Joined: 8 months ago
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Shaun, this is adorable! And what a great idea, to base it on a specific book! 

Rachel Karpf
Trusted Member Admin
Joined: 9 months ago
Posts: 52

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'd love a gift like this!


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