Creative DIY Room Boxes for Dollhouse Miniatures


Creative DIY Room Boxes for Dollhouse Miniatures

If you want to start with miniatures, but the idea of a full-size dollhouse intimidates you, try building a miniature room box!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a dollhouse to enjoy this wonderful hobby! In this post, I will share several creative and unique DIY room boxes and containers that you can use for your dollhouse miniatures that won’t overwhelm, are fun and unique, and are also very affordable.

What is a Room Box or Dollhouse Miniature Container?

A room box or container for miniatures is a scene that houses your miniature theme. These scenes could be anything, from a kitchen, bedroom, or living room to exterior locations like a garden or even a shop. They can be realistic or made to represent ‘fantasy’ scenes.

Some miniaturists focus their hobby totally on room boxes and miniature containers, while others take a break from their larger dollhouse projects or other small scenes.

What are the Advantages of Miniature Room Boxes and Containers?

My favorite reason for creating miniature room boxes and containers is special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, etc. They make the perfect gifts, as they are smaller and affordable.

Think of it as a way to honor the person and a memory they may have that they want to keep with them forever.

I also love creating exact replicas of past times. One special place for me and my childhood is my grandparent’s kitchen. I made the perfect replica of it.

You can hear the complete story here by listening to my podcast episode.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

Another advantage of making a room box is often a first step to learning new techniques and skills in crafting miniatures. Once you get the hang of these techniques, you can start applying those to large-scale projects.

Miniature room boxes are less expensive and less time-consuming. They also require a lot less space. To purchase a room box, check out the Earth & Tree Miniatures.

Best of all, anyone can make a room box, and the possibilities are endless. Look at the examples below for some inspiration.

Room Box and Container Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas when creating a room box or a container, even if you’re new to miniatures, here are some ideas to inspire you.

‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ is a small room box found at any dollhouse miniature shop such as Earth & Tree Miniatures. A room box like this is excellent as they typically come with a sliding glass or plexiglass front, leaving the dust off your miniature creation.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

‘Jeanie’s Craft Room’ is made with a shadow box. Shadow boxes are found at any craft store, like Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. Typically shadow boxes will also have a glass or plexiglass front that will protect your creations from dust. You will quickly find that removing dust from your miniatures can be somewhat of a challenge, so protective fronts are a must when purchasing a shadow box for your miniature creation.

The walls inside are lined with scrapbooking paper, and the flooring is made with a sample piece of carpet from Home Depot.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

Advantages: You can find these gift bags almost anywhere, and the design options are endless. This miniature container is probably the cheapest option, but it also has disadvantages, such as sturdiness and no dust protection. These tiny containers can also hold sentimental value like this ‘Valentine Love’ miniature creation. The bag once had a gift that was very special to the receiver. The trash didn’t seem like a valuable option, so why not turn it into a miniature scene instead! Now it too can be cherished forever.

These also make perfect gifts!

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

‘Jean’s Floral Shop’ was created using a wooden crate from Home Goods but can be found at most craft and home improvement stores. These are very inexpensive; the designs options are endless and look great on any bookshelf. The disadvantages would be the dust protection, and they are not ideal if you’d like to line the walls with wallpaper.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

This next miniature creation is fun, unique, and great for anyone wanting to make a ‘trash to treasure’ statement piece. This laundry room was made using an empty laundry detergent bottle. A hole was cut using a utility knife, and the walls and floor were lined with decorative paper. Let your imagination run wild and make a list of all the cool containers you can make into a miniature scene! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your room box theme.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

‘Santa’s Kitchen’ was made using a metal planter box from a home improvement store, such as Home Depot. Thick cardstock was used in the corners to create dimension and interest. Scrapbooking paper was used for the floor and also the ceiling.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

Photo boxes don’t have to be used just for photos! Take the cover off, use it as the base, and voila, you have a miniature room box! There are so many design options for these photo boxes, and they can be found at almost any department and craft store. Have fun but beware, these types of room boxes can become addicting!

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

Book nook room boxes are also a fun and inexpensive way to create a dollhouse miniature scene. This Christmas scene is made with a cardboard box. Best of all, it lights up! To get the full tutorial join this Facebook group and start creating your book nook today! They will also give a delightful surprise to those searching the bookshelves for their next read.

Photo by Rachel Karpf of Mic Drop Miniatures

I hope this gave you some ideas on making your next miniature scene. Please share your creations with us! Post your creations in The Mini District’s Cafe for all to see your fantastic work.

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  1. Cecelia Q Cecelia Q on December 10, 2021 at 10:04 am

    Great ideas, thanks! Creating exact replicas of rooms and / or events is a really special tribute, and something that will always be an heirloom and treasured gift.

    Lanterns can be perfect room boxes too – store bought, or as a DIY project (e.g.,there are tutorials out there about how to make a lantern from a picture frame). I’ve always liked the gift bag idea, but I’m unsure of the best way to keep it steady (presumably there is an inside structure for the sides?), and how to handle the top so that the bag doesn’t become a dust-catcher. Empty antique clock cases and small suit cases can be great too. So many possibilities!

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