DIY Dollhouse Miniature Paper Plates

How to Make Easy Dollhouse Miniature Paper Plate

The theme for the July 2022 Miniature Subscription Box, was “Backyard BBQ” so paper plates were a necessity. I set off to make over 400 Dollhouse miniature paper plates. I was created these by printing, paper punching them out and then scoring each individual one. It was taking a lot of time. I thought, “there was to be an easier way”? That’s when I came up with the idea to make a miniature paper plate former and it was such a life saver!

Its quite simple and takes no time at all to make a paper plate! Check out the DIY video HERE:

You can check out the miniature paper plate former HERE:

Also, if you’d like to make some paper plates for your dollhouse or miniature scene, check out this free downloadable set. There is a paper plate for every occasion!

I’d love to see your paper plate creations! Please tag @theminidistrict on social media.


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