How to Practice Gratitude with your Dollhouse Miniature Creations

How to Practice Gratitude with your Dollhouse Miniature Creations

How to Practice Gratitude with your Dollhouse Miniature Creations

Learn how to practice gratitude with your dollhouse miniature creations. It’s November, and that means that gratitude month has officially arrived.

The Conflict of Fall and Gratitude

Growing up and living in northeastern Ohio, fall has always left me feeling conflicted.

The trees turn vibrant colors before shedding their leaves for a period of rest and rejuvenation. They celebrate the work they did this year in a bright celebration but then let go of all that no longer serves them at the moment.

It’s beautiful. However, I struggled to allow myself to celebrate those moments for many years because I knew that dreary days were likely coming.

As a therapist, I have trained to help others see their negative self-talk and look for ways to reframe those sentiments and look at the fears that might fuel the thoughts.

I have learned that the change from fall to winter is difficult for me because it is so stark a contrast. I always saw it as a loss of vibrancy and growth, and that triggers fear for me.

Enter Gratitude

I have found that gratitude is a practice of looking for the present’s gifts. It might be the ordinary beautiful moments that come from drawing stick figures on a frosted window with your kids as you wait for the bus. Perhaps it’s falling asleep on the couch only to find your dog resting happily on your feet. Maybe it’s sharing a meal with people you love.

In our house, we practice gratitude every night at dinner. My boys love to announce it in a big trumpeting song they have made up. Everyone thinks about their day and shares at least one thing that made them happy or that went well. It keeps us connected. It keeps us looking for the good each day. It’s a way to create some joy and reframe the challenges that come with being human.

Practice Gratitude through Creation in Minis

For this season, I have chosen to reflect the idea of gratitude in my dollhouse dining room.

I have set the table with vibrant leaf placemats and a table runner that says, “Give Thanks.”

The dishes are a replica of the ones that my mother-in-law lovingly passed down to us a few years ago when she was moving because she knew how much I enjoyed creating a pretty table for holiday meals.

A chocolate pie sits in the center as a reminder of how much I have been loved in this life. As a picky little girl who turned up her nose at pumpkin pie, my aunt always made sure that she bought a chocolate one when she hosted Thanksgiving dinner. We lost her last November, but that love she showed me with her chocolate pies will always live on with us.

I am grateful for that love. I am grateful for the gift of creating visual representations of the joy I have experienced in this life.

I hope that you can practice gratitude through creation. I will be looking forward to seeing the moments of joy you have captured in your Dollhouse Miniature scenes.

Shaun R

About Shaun Renato

Shaun Renato has always enjoyed creating art from the time she was a small child. As an adult she attended art school and became a graphic designer but then went back to become a therapist to use art as a way to help others heal. She has enjoyed many different forms of making art over the years but all along the way has been her dollhouse and making miniatures where she could combine all of her art skills together.


  1. Rachel K Rachel K on November 2, 2021 at 9:57 pm

    I love this article because I try and make all my miniature creations and scenes personal! I will try and make them full of gratitude also! Thanks Shaun!

  2. Liz T Liz T on November 7, 2021 at 7:38 am

    Thank you, Shaun, for using your many talents to help others heal! Gratitude …. oh that more and more folks would embrace the practice of a daily ritual giving thanks for all things … big and small! I truly am grateful for the amazingly beautiful community of miniaturists from around the world. These folks set the bar when it comes embracing and encouraging each other from a shared passion, having only this common thread. My heart is full of friends I’ve never met in person! Maybe we all have the need to calm the chaos around us by creating these small worlds. My prayer is that our miniature community can be a tipping point for healing the fractures in our country and then in our world. ♥️🙏🏻🌎

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