Marina Stanzione- Talented Dollhouse Miniaturist

Meet Marina- a very talented dollhouse miniaturist.


Marina’s love for dollhouse miniatures started at the age of 7, when her dad built her first doll house; a house that she still has! Her love for Miniatures spans over several years, however she didn’t start creating her own miniatures until a few years ago and that includes furniture and kitchens.
“Its all in the detail,” Marina states and that is shown in her work. With over 15,000 Instagram followers, I’m not the only one that feels her work is amazing and ‘move in ready.’

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Check out Marina’s work on Instagram or TikTok @marinas_mini_life.
Transcribed Episode:

Hello friends, and welcome to my miniature obsession podcast. I’m your host, Rachel Karpf. This podcast is about all things miniature, we will explore the world of minis. And all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. Here for miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are the most devastating failures, and the most uplifting successes, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary in miniature.

Hello, friends, I’m back for another episode of my miniature obsession podcast. I hope that you are well. As usual, I am busy working on the next subscription box. I feel like I always say that, but I think it’s so true. My next box ships April 5, so the time is coming up. I should really be months ahead and working maybe in December. But I guess it’s just how I roll. Maybe someday that I can do that. But right now I am working from the month that the box ships. So some of the things that I’ve been really busy as I’m creating a new website for So I would love it. If you could take a look, let me know what you think I have been really busy. It’s not something I know how to do, I probably could hire it out. But it’s something that I’ve always wanted to learn, I want to be able to, you know, change things on the fly. It’s just, it’s just me and how I work. So take a look. It’s And I just love to know your thoughts and what you think of my new website. So some other things happening in my world. I’m really looking forward to Chicago, for the Tom Bishop show in April. I just it dawned on me the other day that wow, it’s like, like next month like Time flies, I guess. And I’m just really, really excited to get down there. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this on my podcast before. But I am a miniature creator for Hudson River managers. And so she’ll be selling there. And I’m going to be helping her out at the wholesale show. So I’m just really excited to meet some new people see how the business works in wholesale. And I’m really not excited for the drive to Chicago. But I’m really excited just to meet some new people and to see it back to the shows. So if you are going to the show in Chicago, I would love you to reach out and maybe we can meet up and see what else Oh yes, I did want to mention that if you are a mini creator or a DI wire, I wanted to let you in on a little cool thing that we are doing. In our Facebook group. It’s called the mini district community. And so I decided that every month we’re going to do these little challenges. And to participate, all you got to do is post your picture. And then I’m gonna throw everyone’s name in a bucket, and pull out some winners. And I’m gonna send you some miniatures if you’re the lucky winner. So these challenges are really quick, easy, it’s just going to be making a miniature from an ordinary item around your house. So for example, this month for March, you have to make a miniature using a paperclip. So several people have posted what they’ve already made. And it’s just a great way to learn new things, especially cheap ways, you know, to make managers get that creative juices flowing. And it’s also a great way just to meet new mini friends. So if you’d please join us simply search the mini district community on Facebook, or I will also put the link into the show notes. So I hope to see you in the group. Alright, so today’s episode, I got the opportunity to chat with Marina and I’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some time. And I’m not the only one has she has over 15,000 followers. I actually asked her in the podcast episode, what you’ll hear, you know, is it nerve racking, having you know that many followers but it didn’t seem to dawn on her or faze her. I mean, so I just thought that was really interesting because I couldn’t really imagine having that many followers, but it’s no surprise why I mean her she’s amazing militarist, and her photos just make me want to move right in. And sometimes you look at them and you’re like, is that manager or is that real life? So kudos to you, Marina on your fabulous managers. If you want to take a look to you can find her on Instagram or Tiktok. Her handle is at marinas, underscore mini underscore life. And again, I’ll put that link in the show notes, you can simply click. So I hope that you are loving these conversations. As always, please reach out I love to hear from you. You can find me on social media at at Mike Trout miniatures. And you can also find me at the money districts. I’m also on tic tac, I’m also on Facebook, and Instagram. Anyway, you will, I think you’ll find me at those platforms at those handles. So thanks again for listening. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. And I hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

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Hi, can you hear me?

I can. How are you today?

Oh good. How about yourself?

Good. Well, first I have to apologize. I’m kind of battling this cold Saif. It’s I sound a little measly. But other than that, I’m good.

I feel like everybody has that. That cold. Yeah. gestion went around, are part of New York as well.

I was just gonna ask you where you’re from. So New York. Yeah. Yeah,

I’m not New York.

And that is on my bucket list. Someday I will get there. But tell me how is it with COVID? Can you

it’s really, I feel like it’s getting better. At work. We were getting like, you know, the notifications to our phone, like, every day. And then it was, you know, a couple of times a week. And now it’s I got one one this week. That was it. So it’s I feel like it’s slowing down.

Okay. And as far as like going out in public, how is that?

Um, so going out in public? Most most places, I have to wear a mask all day long. And most people where people are the mask is like last night I went food shopping. Yeah, most people are wearing the mask.

In here in Wisconsin. It’s like a different world because no one wears masks. I think the only time we have to really is when my children on the school bus. So it’s, it’s so crazy how it’s so different everywhere you live.

It’s true. My daughter has to wear a mask to school.

Okay. Yeah, well done. Well enough about depressing stuff. Right. We’re here to talk about miniatures, which is so exciting. And so thank you again for joining me. I follow. Yeah, I follow you on Instagram. And I just realized you have 15,000 followers. I guess I didn’t realize that before. That is amazing. And I know July.

I just want to close the door to my studio. I just want to make sure I hear I have my son working from home today and my daughter is um, she has a winter break. So I hear her TV. That’s distracting.

Okay, no, no problem. So I was just saying you have 15,000 followers on Instagram, which is amazing. And I definitely know I definitely know why though. Because when I look at your Instagram feed it’s beautiful like your pictures make me want to move right in.

Thank you so much.

So yeah, is it is it nerve racking having that many followers compared to when you maybe only had 1000? Like is it different?

I don’t really focus too much on the followers. Personally, I mean, it’s nice and I I totally appreciate it. But I haven’t really changed anything I post whatever I feel like posting and I’m I don’t really know how that happens, to be honest with you. I don’t know if that’s like an Instagram algorithm thing. I’m not sure. But I’m, I’m, I’m, like grateful and I love connecting with so many other people that are, you know, lovers of miniatures or making managers and I get a lot of, you know, private DMS, just asking questions, whether it’s like, what, how do I do something? Or how do I use a certain tool? Which is great, because, you know, it’s always it’s always, like, wonderful to help each other and grow from each other and learn. I know, I certainly if I have questions, I’m always asking somebody, you know, so I think it’s like, it’s such a beautiful community that, you know, that just helps each other. And is always there, you know, to cheer each other on. So, yeah,

for sure. It’s a great community. For sure. So you say that you, you started way back when you were a child like loving doll houses? Can you just tell us a little history of who you are and how you got started?

Sure. So my dad, my dad hadn’t made my first doll house for me, I still have it. Um, I had to be maybe six or seven. And he had like a workshop, you know, he was a builder, he loved making things or fixing things around the house. So he has, like, you know, in our basement, his little workshop, and I just watched him, I watched him, like, make the dollhouse and, and then a friend of his, he was telling a friend of his about that he was making me a dollhouse. And his friends gave him a huge box full of miniatures that I still have. Some of them are like that German, you know, that German manufacturer with the round house with that they’re like painted turquoise with flowers. And some of them are like, wonky looking at a scale, but I have the mall, I still have them. Um, and I still have my house. And a lot of people asked me if I will ever, like, renovate that, and I won’t because my dad has passed away. And I feel like he crafted that like, with that, you know, that vision that he wanted for me. And so I will I won’t I won’t ever do. I won’t ever. I will never change change it up. Yeah, I want to know, whenever I’m done, I don’t sorry.

Oh, and there’s kind of a lake here going on. So what style is that house?

I would say it looks like a colonial the kind of looks like a colonial. Yeah.

That’s so cool. I’m jealous that you have that house like I wish I had my my things from my childhood. That’s so amazing.

Yeah. And I just been a collecting miniatures. Like, wherever I go, since I’m a cat. So I have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff like that old a lot of stuff that I put like in my doll houses that I you know, that I have now that I made. I bought, I bought, my son actually bought me a doghouse during the pandemic on Facebook marketplace. And, and then I renovated that. And since then I just, you know, you know what it is I have a box that I still have to put together a dollhouse. Um, but I’m not I promised myself I’m not going to because I have so many other projects. And dollhouse is done. Not done. But at least, you know, really not done. You know, I’m always changing things and, you know, even like the furniture, the rooms I decide, oh, I don’t want that to be a bedroom anymore. It just changed it. So that’s, that’s just such fun to me.

Yeah. So are you would you say you’re more of a collector or more of a creator.

I like to collect and I’m very particular on the things I collect. So, um, there’s, it’s interesting that like, I particularly don’t like things that are like from like, mass manufactured kind of things. I buy, like things that are handcrafted or Orissan I’m just like, kind of particular, I make as much of the furniture as I can. Um, I like to I like to make my own furniture, you know, whatever I can make I make on my own. Um, I just got a 3d printer. So I’ve been messing with that. So I have like, a, like a handful of little bunnies that I printed. They became really cute. But I’m just learning that because I’m not tech savvy. I’m definitely you know, like crafty with my hands. So that’s like a whole new world for me doing that I bother. Now she’s gonna yell at me for saying that. But I get a lot of my help. And technology. Questions Answered from my good friend Teresa. From the munchies, the many beach house. Yeah. So she’s very tech savvy. And so I’m constantly texting her, Teresa, what do I do? Like, and you could be like this simplest thing afterwards, I’m like, Oh, my gosh. But she’s so helpful. She’s so helpful.

She’s probably not gonna like that. Because now everyone’s going to reach out to Teresa for help right? Now, 3d. She’ll, she is she was just on the podcast, she was so fun to talk to. And 3d printing is not easy. Like to learn it. It’s got a huge learning curve. And so I mean, kudos to you for trying and for doing it, because it’s it is it’s frustrating, I thought, starting now.

Oh, super frustrating. Definitely frustrating. It’s very like steadily. And the print process is, I could print something and then the next day print the very same thing. And it’s a print fail. can’t figure out why. So it’s kind of very fiddly. And you just have to just be patient and figure out learning the technology part of it, like how to make certain things. And so yeah, I watch a lot of YouTube. And there I have a I have a Prusa Mini. So the website is so helpful. There’s lots of tutorials, and they have a great support.

Nice idea is that resin?

No, it’s filament. Okay.

So where do you get your 3d prints from? Are you creating those as well like your models?

So I’m getting so right now, like, for instance, I got, um, let me just show you what I’ve printed. It’s

Can you see it? I can. Yeah, so it’s a little bunny? Yeah. Yeah. So cute.

Yeah. So this was a bunny that somebody made. Okay. And then I, and you can get you can get, like prints that are free, like people just post them so that you could, you know, should they share them? And then you could change them? Like, you can, you can change them a little bit. So I changed it a little bit. Just to not like copy you know, like that. But, um, yeah, so there’s lots of free prints on there. Especially on Tinkercad you could print so many different things. And you could you could do like you could make it your own you know, so I’m learning that right now.

Good favor, good for you. I know that I’m using resin and when you spoke to you can print one thing come back the next day and it fails. For me I’m working in a basement so whether like the temperature really affects my for me for the resin but for filament I’m not sure why that I

heard I could do the same, like humidity if it’s dry. Yeah. So how do you how do you what is your thoughts on the resin printer? Does it give off fumes? Or Not really?

Well, it can Yes, but I found resin that is low odor. So I feel like that really helps. What gets me is you have to rinse it in alcohol so that my hands just hate me after that. And I haven’t found a glove that I like or my hands like and then my hands breakout. So yeah, the real world of miniatures, right? You have to deal with all that stuff. But I find too that I am. I don’t know if this is true because I’ve never done filament Do you get better detail with resin? No, that’s true. I don’t know.

I’ve I’ve heard that. But I have to be honest, I was quite impressed with like those tiny things that I made. I mean, the the detail, really amazing. This little bowl.

Oh, you see that? Yeah, it’s like a mash bowl. It almost looks like a one that you would get from a restaurant that happy like your french fries and kind. Yeah.

That’s pretty detailed. I was kind of impressed. I didn’t think it would print that well.

Yeah, well, you’re doing amazing.

Oh, thanks. I’m honestly just learning. So I’m just like doing these little prints just to actually see if they if they print, you know.

So you stated your work. Oh, sorry.

I have. No, that’s okay. Yep. I have four kids.

So are they tech savvy where they can kind of help you or not really? I mean, not into it?

Yeah. Yeah. My older son Nicholas, these tech savvy, he helps me and believe it or not my daughter who’s 15? Briana, she. She’s super tech savvy. So I have a MacBook Pro. And she has the same computer. So I asked her like the silliest questions. I might have like copy and paste something like a you know, like on making like a print. How do you know I was like, making one thing at a time. And I’m like, I think I can make like a lot of them at one time. And she’s like, Oh, you just have to do this. I’m like, Oh, that was easy. Yeah.

Children that that know what they’re doing?

Yes, sure. And whatever. Briana helps me a lot. And we do miniatures a lot together. So she, she’s, yeah, yeah. And she’s super proud of like, things that we do together.

That’s awesome. So you said that you’re more well, your collect, but can you talk a little bit about your collection? Like, do you have your own room? How many houses do you have all those good things.

Um, so I have I’ve made of spare bedroom, my studio. And I have let me see 123. I have six houses that are together. And then I have one that I bought the beachside bungalow, the real good toys. I still have been putting it together yet. So I’m working right now on the Victoria’s farmhouse are a real good choice. And that’s the first dollhouse that I made, like I call it the contemporary, because it’s kind of like, out of my, my, all my dog houses are pretty much like farmhouse style, or, yeah, I would say like modern farmhouse. And this one I wanted to do, like contemporary, and I keep shifting, I, I complete a room. I’m like, oh, that doesn’t look modern. It looks like modern farmhouse. So it’s, it’s a challenge to really like stick with the modern, but it’s fun. I like it a lot. And as far as collecting, I like to collect. I mean, obviously I like to collect nice pieces. There’s this antique store by my house. It’s like 10 minutes away. And he gets like miniatures in there. And I like to stop in because he doesn’t even realize like the like the gold nuggets that I find in the hour. They’re amazing. Last week I found like all this Fiesta were miniature Fiestaware and I got it for like nothing. And then oh yeah, I wish I had them then I found Yeah, I found this artist in piece. It’s like a pottery

is painted.

Yeah, it’s all hand painted. And yeah. Yeah, I like pieces like that that are like unique and handcrafted.

I wonder where he gets them from that he just randomly hasn’t.

Yeah, so he goes to a state sales. So when I first years ago, I was. I was it’s like a little town called Um, excuse me. It’s a little town. That’s like right next to my town. And it’s like, has so little boutiques and little eateries and apothecaries. It’s like You quaint little area, coffee shops and, and then there’s this antique store. I’m not like an antique kind of person. But in the front window, my husband’s like, there’s there’s a dollhouse in the window. I’m like, what we’re going in? Yeah, well going in this dollhouse. It, it was in really bad shape. Really bad shape. It needed a lot of work. And it was for sale for like, I think it was $1,200 Eventually somebody bought it. I was shocked. Yeah, it was, it was really no

special about it for $1,200

Nothing I went inside. And it was it was something that you would find like in a garage sale, not even in good shape at all. And nothing. It was it was really poor shape. But inside the dollhouse were pretty, like I found like pretty good pieces. He didn’t want to sell me on any of the stuff that was inside. Because whoever whoever gave him that dollhouse to sell to him wanted like everything in there, but he wound up selling me a couple of little crystal pieces, like these candlesticks that were like blown glass. Yeah. So I stopped in there every so often through the years, we became friendly. And he knows the kind of stuff I like, you know, like, I don’t I don’t care for you know, that wonky kind of book or I don’t know, you know, got a certain

style for sure. Yeah, I always am jealous when people say that they find things at rummage sales, or thrift stores or things like that, because I haven’t run across that yet. So maybe it’s still

but so I always found since I learned that since going in his shop, to like if you ever see an antique store, a lot of them have miniatures.

Okay, so it’s I have to ask me be nosy.

Yeah. Yeah. I always ask, do you

decorate your real house? Like your doll houses?

Yeah, I would say my Yeah. My mom house. Friends call it farmhouse glam.

Okay. I like that. Yeah, I can see that. Because in some of your doll houses you you have like, lights that are pretty fancy. You know that? I can see that. What you mean. Yeah. What? So what I know you said you currently are working on a lot of things. But is there one project that you really want to get done?

Yeah, I need to get this farmhouse, the victorious farmhouse done. I went all over the place with this house. I still haven’t finished finished the exterior. It’s painted but I still have to do the porch. The railings because I guess because I’m dreading doing that. I don’t want to do a traditional fence around the you know, the double porch. I want to put like hardwood flooring down. And I And I’m kind of like a stickler for that. I don’t like the paper. Why would I like to lay down like hardwood flooring? The flooring that I did on the bottom floor of my Victoria doll house. It’s came from Did you ever hear sh good?

I don’t think so. No, sh good.

I think it’s sh good. Yeah. Um, it’s a it’s a it’s a website and he had cots, miniature wood wood flooring, and he makes it order and you can order any kind of wood and kind of what you want and you kind of thickness and

come in strips and then you’re just gluing the strips down.

Yes, yeah, it comes in strip. I have to look at I ordered Alderwood and and then I you know I laid it all down. And I stained it. And then I did like a polysatin a couple of coats of that and stained it.

What I’m doing I love what I’m doing in my house currently because I kind of like you I have you know, I get it done. And I don’t know when time goes by and I’m like God, I really want to change that. But the thought of ripping on a floor isn’t fun, kind of like wallpaper. So I’m doing a floating floor and so my hopes is I can just like doubles tape it down and then when I want to remove it just the whole thing will come out so I’m going to try a floating floors we’ll see.

Yeah, that’s that’s such a good idea. And I thought about doing that. But I did open concept with the Victoria’s dollhouse so It has so many ridges and cuts and angles. It wouldn’t. I think it would be impossible for me to like, get it in there. Yeah, maybe just because of the layout of it. It’s not like just a square room where you could do that. That would that would have been great. But I’ll let

you know. I’m doing it right now. So I’ll let you know how it works out. Maybe

I would wished all healthy. It’s I don’t

even know. It’s just one that I got kind of like from the marketplace on Facebook. And it needed help. So I don’t even know what it is. To be honest. I should research it’s three levels. And that what I liked about it it skinny, skinny and tall. So that’s what I like. Yeah, just for room.

They quality St. Charles.

I don’t know. I’ll have to research it. I’m not quite sure.

But it’s different.

And the outside done the inside still needs my love. So someday I’ll get it done. Someday.

Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m like, I don’t pressure myself and I actually went back to work full time. So I don’t have a lot of time other than at night. I’ll watch you know, Netflix and and craft, you know and do my miniatures

for your job, you do anything artsy crafty, or? No? No,

not at all. No. My real job. I I was a hairdresser and makeup artist. And yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s artsy but a different kind. I’m a makeup artist at Nordstrom.

Okay. Well, that’s to me is art. For sure. So is there anything about miniatures that you just don’t like? Like, is it landscaping as a wallpaper in clay? Anything you like? No, not for me. Kids don’t want to do it.

I kind of I tackle everything. Some things are not my favorite things to do. Definitely. I am not. I like the outcome, but I don’t enjoy putting wallpaper up. I definitely do not glue it up. I use double sided tape. Because I changed my mind. But um, yeah, I’ve learned like through the years to do double sided tape. And you would never know. You know, and I don’t know, if I use molding or crown molding. I use like glue very sparingly and only like on the corners. This way. I could just pop it off and change it by ever want to change the wallpaper

in your wallpaper. It’s just that paper like scrapbook paper.

Yeah, all right. Print it out. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Anyone that’s ever ripped off paper to change? It will definitely wish it was double sided tape for sure.

Oh, for sure. It’s, it’s a nightmare if you get if you ever had to renovate a house from Facebook marketplace, like 30 years old. And it’s like, I mean, I have I have found that if you really use I use a spray bottle, a spray bottle with a little white vinegar in it, and hot water. And I just spray it all them. And I just let it sit for like 20 minutes. And then I get a you know, like a putty knife and peels right off.

That’s a good idea. Yeah. So do you sell your miniatures at all?

I do. Um, we’re going back to the Philly show, again this year, the Philadelphia miniature. I do a collab with Teresa from the mini beach house. And we did that last year. And we’re gonna do it again. This year, we had such a ball. We had such We sold everything out in the whole weekend. But more than that, we had such a great time, like meeting everybody, you know, like Instagramers that we talked to every day. And we follow each other way to actually meet them and go to dinner and have cocktails and it was just that was the best part. You know, it was just the best part was just hanging out with everybody and talking miniatures like until we were dead tired. And then we did it all again the next day. So it was so much fun. It was so much fun to you know to sell it the show and we were in between To Great vendors. And we just be we just connected. It was amazing. So we we requested, you know, from Kathy that we went up being next to them again, because we had such a great time and we kind of like watched each other’s stuff before we went to the bathroom and stuff. But it was just the best time. It was such a great weekend.

That’s awesome. I can’t wait for next year cuz I’m definitely want to go. I’m bummed I missed this year. But can you talk about your in Teresa’s friendship. You’d started on Instagram, correct?

Yes, yeah, we started on Instagram. And we just have a lot of things in common, I think. And yeah, and we just, we just developed our friendship. And, you know, and then, you know, we chat and talk a lot and help each other. And we trade and trade a lot of ideas with each other. And so she’s just a great, she’s just a great person. She’s a great friend. And I look forward to doing Philly again with her.

Yeah, it’s so nice to have a mini friend, isn’t it? Like, I don’t know, there’s someone that shares the same passion as you?

For sure. Yeah, I have a couple of people that I you know, that I talked to that, you know, like, super close with. And they’re just super talented. And we talk at like, almost every day. So it’s amazing. It’s amazing. Because I, you know, years ago when my daughter was on her, you know, Instagram or whatever it was, and I’d be like, you know, you’re not friends there. You’re just acquaintances. Don’t you’re not that’s not your friend. And she’s like, Yeah, it is. So now she my kids making fun of me and they’re like, Mom, that’s not your friend. Okay. We actually met we’re friends.

Do you have any local clubs there in New York?

So locally in New York, um, I don’t have any I mean, other than going to like little antique shops. Local to me, which is about 40 minutes away. My friend. Susie has Wednesday’s dollhouse shop. She’s actually in Connecticut. Okay. And so I love going to visit her. She has the greatest dollhouse shot. She’s the sweetest woman ever. And she’s not far from me. So I do go I go visit her. And we chat for a while and you know,

what’s, what’s the name again? wimzie.

wimzie is okay. Yeah. Yeah, and the owner’s name. It was a she is so amazing. She used to be a lawyer and she actually left being a lawyer because she loves dollhouse saying, Oh, wow. She’s amazing. Yeah, she is so amazing. She came and I saw her at Philly as well. Um, Darrin Thomas. He’s in New York as well. And he does a lot of his work at the Hudson River Museum. He is amazing. He’s, uh, he does a lot of like estate sales and stuff and stuff

like that. Very knowledgeable.

Yes. Is he is definitely very knowledgeable. And, you know, I really admire everything he does.

That’s awesome. So any other shows that you think you’ll go to maybe not to sell but just to attend?

Well, I would have loved to gone to Chicago. But unfortunately, I can’t really commit right now. I’m still up in the air about that one. Because of my work schedule now. So I don’t I don’t know if I could commit to that. I it’s still a possibility. Okay. I would love to go. But I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take off of work. So um,

I’m looking forward to it. It’s, it’s coming up like I can’t believe it’s almost, you know, March and so it’s coming up fast. I live pretty close to that.

Yeah, you’re not that far, right.

No, yeah. I’m about maybe two and a half hours so not far.

Oh, wow. That’s awesome. Yeah. So I don’t know if they’ll have rooms available at this point. Probably not. So I probably,

I think they will. There’s a lot of hotels around there. And there’s actually I want to say, don’t quote me on this. But I want to say there’s like three convention centers, you know, that are going on that same weekend with miniatures. So there’s a lot of hotels.

Yeah, I would love to go just to, like, see all the vendors and I can’t I can’t imagine just because there’s so many international vendors that I would love to see that work in person. So that that is gonna be amazing.

I’ve been there a lot. Really excited. So well, anything else you want to share? About you and your your creations? Maybe? Can you give, if someone’s really on the fence? Like, I really love miniatures, I have no idea how to start. Is there any like word of like wisdom, you can give them advice? And maybe how to get started? They get that question a lot. Like they’re almost overwhelmed. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I was actually talking to somebody who, who wanted to get into miniatures. And my advice was, go on Facebook marketplace. And, you know, get get a dollhouse, because you can find one on there for 50 bucks. Get a dollhouse, not the first one, you say, look around, you know, and pick one that you think that you would love. And then start from there. You know, start with just, you know, stripping it down the floors, the walls, pick a color to paint it, you know, and do one thing at a time because it can be overwhelming because you want your dollhouse to look like finished or, you know, you’re admiring somebody and your work and you want it to be. Or, yeah, or, you know, whoever, like I see so many other people’s work that I admire and like it’s just amazing, amazing talent out there. And obviously, everybody is their own creator. And you have a vague like, I have a vision of what I want it to look like at the end. So you know, I don’t want it to look like someone else’s. I like their things, but I want it to look like I made it you know, so I always tell everybody just do one thing at a time because it can be overwhelming. You know, because you think about the floors this and you want to go right into, you know, 10 miles ahead of you and decorate. Yeah,

can you name drop a few people, the people that you said I admire their work? Can you think of any off the top of your head?

Um, I like the Crip Diem, the Crafty millennial.

Okay, that’s a new one to me. I’ll have to look at that.

Yeah, she She’s amazing. Um,

she’s an Instagram.

Yeah. Mama beat minis. Oh, yeah. Didi. Yeah, she’s amazing.

Does she create most of her things? Or does she more of a collector? Would you say

that she collects? And she makes she does both? Because I have purchased from her she has like a sale page. Like when she when it’s holiday? Um, okay. Yeah. Yeah. And I I admire her. She’s just amazing. I love so many so many different artists. And yeah, there’s just so many that are just amazing.

Yeah, that the miniature world definitely changed from I used to do it. 10 years ago, when I had children. I put it all the way in just this last year now. I got it all back out. And yeah, though. Yeah. The miniature world is definitely different from when I put it away all 10 years ago, and

I agree, because I put my stuff away when my kids were little. In fact, my doll house that my dad had made me it has crayon on it. One of my kids so yeah, I mean, yeah, things had to get put away for a little season of my life. And I agree and I so I so enjoy the miniatures of today’s world. And like today’s just just it’s just incredible. Without their you know, the the artists in work, it’s just on a whole different level. whole different level. I was watching YouTube What’s it that that show that was in Canada that a


Yes. Amazing. Eating. Just amazing.

And I couldn’t find it. It is on YouTube because I searched and searched. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s where I found it. I watched actually, the first and second episode. Yes, that’s where I found that on YouTube.

Okay. Well, maybe you can be on the next one. That’d be cool. The next season. I was actually,

I was asked to be on the show. And I yeah, I was asked to be on the on the show. And I could I had to, I had to say no. Why? Um, no, I wasn’t even working full time at the at that. At the point when I was asked. I just, I couldn’t. I couldn’t be in Canada for that length of time. It was. Um, I don’t remember to be honest with you. But it was, it was for it was for a length of time, like so many weeks on it between filming and then you had to stay in a hotel. And I was glad that I made that decision. Because a friend of mine that was on the show, had told me that while they were there COVID broke out. And they had to stop. And they were there for like weeks on end longer than they had to me.

Yeah, Canada was. Yeah.

Yeah. So yeah, because of the length of time. I don’t recall exactly how long it was. But it was it was for many, many weeks that you had to commit to. And I couldn’t do that. You know, I have like a family, my little girl. Um, so

so maybe that my statement could come true. We’ll see you on maybe the next season if they have it. For those that don’t know what we’re talking about. It’s called Best to Mini. And it was a show that aired in Canada. And I didn’t think I could watch it. But I guess I can we can Google it on our searching on YouTube. And it should come up you.

Yes, yes. Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank

you for that. Now. I have some something to watch while I make minis this weekend.

Yes, yes. I definitely saw two episodes. But that was that was the other day that I’m sure that there might be another episode out. Okay, by no.

Do you ever watch any of those other shows like food mini food fight? Or what’s the name now? mini food fight and real kitchen? Anything?

Yeah. I like the tiny kitchen. Yeah, that one’s very cute. And I love watching Well, now, I can’t watch it anymore. But I used to watch the the old manager shows that work here. In I think in the States. It was filmed in the States. Amanda was on it with brands

like HGTV. Yeah. Yeah, biggest little showdown or whatever. And ah, yeah,

yes, that’s it. Darrin Thomas was on that. And yeah, Manda and Bree and a bunch of other people. Yeah, I used to love watching the reruns. And now I think I think somebody bought the rights to it or something. Right.

Really? I’m not sure. Maybe we’ll see. Yeah. How? Well thank you again for meeting with me and talking minis. It was nice meeting you. And hopefully having Yeah, you’re welcome. And hopefully, I’ll get to see you at one of these shows. That would be awesome.

Yes, it would be amazing. Thank you for having me.

Yeah. And I’m excited to see what you make next. Because keep up your Instagram work. It’s amazing. And yeah, it’s just like eye candy. I just want to move right in. So thank you for being an inspiration. I you

know, thank you. Bye, you too. Bye, Rachel. Bye bye.

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