Marina Stanzione- Talented Dollhouse Miniaturist

Meet Marina- a very talented dollhouse miniaturist. Marina’s love for dollhouse miniatures started at the age of 7, when her dad built her first doll house; a house that she still has! Her love for Miniatures spans over several years, however she didn’t start creating her own miniatures until a few years ago and that…

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Auction win leads to miniature passion

Auction win leads to dollhouse miniature passion Meet Michael Hogan. He is a collector of dollhouse miniatures, focusing on museum quality artisan made pieces. Hogan found himself immersed in the world of miniatures when he won a dollhouse at an auction for around $500. After doing some research, he discovered the house’s value to be…

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5 Dollhouse Miniature Blogs You are Sure to Love


5 Dollhouse Miniature Blogs You are Sure to Love The web has a wealth of information and inspiration for miniature lovers. With so much exciting, and addicting, information on a variety of social media platforms, we sometimes forget about blogs. If you have ever created a blog you know just how much time and energy…

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