Marina Stanzione- Talented Dollhouse Miniaturist

Meet Marina- a very talented dollhouse miniaturist. Marina’s love for dollhouse miniatures started at the age of 7, when her dad built her first doll house; a house that she still has! Her love for Miniatures spans over several years, however she didn’t start creating her own miniatures until a few years ago and that…

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Auction win leads to miniature passion

Auction win leads to dollhouse miniature passion Meet Michael Hogan. He is a collector of dollhouse miniatures, focusing on museum quality artisan made pieces. Hogan found himself immersed in the world of miniatures when he won a dollhouse at an auction for around $500. After doing some research, he discovered the house’s value to be…

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What is NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURES ENTHUSIASTS? Today I share my newest Podcast Episode. I had the privilege of talking with Roy Moore, the President of NAME which stands for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURES ENTHUSIASTS. So what is NAME: its has been organized to serve the miniature collector and builder, and its object is to…

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Tammie Knight- Small Matters Miniatures

Tammie Knight- Small Matters Miniatures On this new episode I got to chat with Tammie and I so loved this conversation! Ever talk with something and you feel that instant connection? That’s how I felt with Tammie! I hope that you enjoy our mini chat! http:// Tammy can be found at: tammieknightminiatures on Instagram and…

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The Mini Beach House


The Mini Beach House is now Open for Reservations. If one could vacation in a Dollhouse, I would definitely be making reservations at Theresa’s mini beach house. In the latest podcast episode of My Miniature Obsession Podcast, Theresa shares her interesting story on how she got started with dollhouse miniatures and why/how she created this…

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