The Mini Beach House


The Mini Beach House is now Open for Reservations.

If one could vacation in a Dollhouse, I would definitely be making reservations at Theresa’s mini beach house. In the latest podcast episode of My Miniature Obsession Podcast, Theresa shares her interesting story on how she got started with dollhouse miniatures and why/how she created this amazing miniature beach house.


I asked Theresa what her trick is for capturing such amazing photographs. She explains in the Miniature Podcast episode that the trick is natural light. We also talk about 3D printing, laser cutting and using the Cricut for making Dollhouse Miniatures. Please take a listen.

Theresa can be found at: and on Instagram. Her handle is: @theminibeachhouse

Listen to the Podcast Episode Here


Our transcribed “mini” conversation:

Hello friends, and welcome to my miniature obsession podcast. I’m your host, Rachel Karpf. This podcast is about all things miniature, we will explore the world of minis, and all its raw talent, dedication, patience, and the new energy of this art form. Here for miniature hobbyists and professionals from all over the world, we will gain a deeper insight into the creative processes that drive them. We will also explore what their biggest struggles are the most devastating failures, and the most uplifting successes, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your miniature hobby. Because even the ordinary become extraordinary in miniature.

Hello, friends, it’s me, Rachel, and welcome to another episode of my minutter obsession podcast. So I hope that you are having a great January, it’s actually hard to believe it’s almost over. Time sure does fly when you’re getting older. I always remember my grandparents saying that when I was little, and I, I guess I never really understood what that meant. And now I do. So my time lately has been spent creating the fourth miniatures subscription box, which ships February 5. And I’m just having so much fun creating these boxes. I know you hear me say that all the time, but it’s just so true. I absolutely love it. And I feel like I have the best job ever. So the cart for the subscription box is currently closed. However, you can check out past boxes, I have photos up on my website. And you can even sign up for the waiting list. If you’d like you can check all that out at mini subscription Also, please make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook, as I do a live box reveal every for every box. And I usually do this about a week after the box ships because I want this box to be a surprise for my subscribers. So that live will be right around February 13 or 14th. So make sure to check that out I can be reached or found. My handles are always at Mike drop managers. And I am also going to have them on the mini district. So you can find that at the mini district as well. So let’s get on to today’s episode, I chat with Theresa and I have been following Theresa on Instagram for quite some time. And I just fell in love with her account because of all of her amazing photography. And well, her miniatures are pretty amazing too. But her photography, there was just something about it, it made it look so real. So she talks about this in the podcast and how she creates that or how she gets those effects without the light. And so if you definitely have to check out her handle or her photos, she can be reached on social media platforms her handle is the mini beach house, or social media isn’t your thing, then make sure to check it out at the mini beach And you can see her work there. She’s got some amazing stuff. So I hope you like our conversation. And like always, please reach out I love to hear from my listeners. And again I can be reached on social media at make drop miniatures or at the mini district. Or if there’s anything maybe email. I can always be reached at Rachel at Mike drop miniatures. So thanks again for listening. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. And I hope to hear from you soon. Are you good? How are you? Good. Can you hear me? Okay? Everything’s Yes.

Can you hear me? I’m kind of an open room. No, no, you’re fine.

And I love your space behind you. I can see all your fun gadgets.

I wheeled my dollhouse over so you can see.

I love it. Well, thank you so much for meeting with me. I have been following you on Instagram for a while and you just always been an inspiration with your creations. I love your photography. No, thank you. Thank you. And I yeah, I was kind of stalking you, you know to get to know you a little more on your website and everything. And we have a lot in common like we have. We’re both graphic designers. Okay, yeah,

yeah, I was an art director, but now. I was an art director. But now Yeah, if I do any work, it’s graphic design work.

So you’re a freelancer Do you work corporate world?

Um, I’m a full time mom now. So um, I see, I worked as an advertising art director for a while. So when I left that world, I actually started a side business while I was working and started a stationary a company and eventually left that. And then when I had kids, I retired and just have always done, you know, design work on the side. You know how it is? Sure.

If you if your family and friends know that you are remotely like, crafty, you are no design. Yeah, I get a lot of requests. I just got a request for a logo for he’s gonna be running for sheriff. So hey, let’s call Rachel and so yeah, totally know what you mean. And being a mom, that’s a full time job, and probably even more difficult. I think then maybe corporate world, I think. Yeah. I don’t know. How old are your kids?

12 and 15. So I’m not like, raised like chasing them around to keep them alive. I’m just driving them everywhere. Yeah, responsibilities change as they age.

For sure. So you how you got started with kind of your because of your children. Do you want to explain that?

So my dollhouse my dad built for me when I was a child. And I’ve had it for you know, my whole life. And they did play with it. I have to say they played many years with it. And at one point, I we had this dollhouse, I had another dollhouse that I bought for them as the one that they were starting to destroy this one. And I bought them another one at a yard sale. I think it was the Vermont farmhouse, okay. And I was like, this is your doll house. And then we had Barbie houses and American Girl dolls, we had everything we played with dolls, and house, it was really great. And then when they grew out of it, you know, the doll house kind of fat, needing a lot of repair and renovation. And it just dawned on me one day that I could use it as a means to teach some things. I was watching my daughter doing book reports and designing things in Google Docs. And I’m like, you know, I have Illustrator, Photoshop. And I could teach you all this. So I just started doing it with them, you know, making clay food and everything. But I think they had just kind of aged out of it. And interest isn’t there. So I just kept going on without them.

So the interest still, isn’t there? I mean, do they find what you’re doing? Cool. I mean, I have an eight year old daughter and so she she’s not quite into it, but she thinks what mom does is pretty cool. But she doesn’t create it as much as I wish she did.

Yeah. Occasionally, they’ll come in and do some stuff. You know, I might find some evidence of someone playing in the dollhouse, which makes me really happy. But now they’ve you know, they have their own projects. And they do. They’re both really artistic and they do those things themselves. The thing that makes me feel good, though, is that I think they’re seeing me really enjoy myself. And that’s, you know, worth a lot to me.

So why a beach house? Is that do you live in a beach house? Do you want a beach house

that we live in a beach town, a little small town in New Jersey, and just kind of always been my thing. And our town actually has a lot of, I guess this is a Victorian dollhouse. I’ve researched I could never find, like, who made it actually, my best friend when I was little. She had the exact same dollhouse, and she was just at her parents house and found the label. And it was a company I’d never heard of. So I don’t know if you can even get get it. But anyway, I think it’s a Victorian. Our Town House has a lot of old Victorian houses in it, you know, with new kitchens and new furniture and stuff. So I figured it was okay to you know, go away from guitar and stuff and make it beachy and it’s just kind of like the thing I’m in all the

time. And if anyone wants to see visuals of this house, it’s it’s made basically your only house that you show besides your cafe on your Instagram account, right? It’s the only house that you show on your website, which is the mini beach Is that correct?

What’s the only house I have now? Okay. We when my daughter stopped playing with all the stuff we gave it all away.

Yeah. I just love it. And I love on your website to how you have some of the photos from your renovations. So you have like your bathroom like the old and then the remodeled. I think that’s so cool. I’m like, Oh, why didn’t I take pictures of the house that I’m in I mean, that’s so cool. It’s such a good idea.

I know I wish I was better at that because I love seeing process photos. And I think when I’m in the moment, I just don’t do it as much as I want to. Because I would love to do you know, like, step by step how I did things, but it’s just it takes a lot of time to take a stop and take pictures.

And then you get something done. You’re like, Oh, yes, I should have taken a picture of that and you wish you could just kind of like Photoshop command Z. Yeah, I wish I had that in my life. For those that don’t don’t know what that is. If you hit Command Z on your computer, it basically just goes back to what it used to be and it’s awesome. I wish I had that in life sometimes history. But I’m your mini beach house and I was looking at it it almost reminded me of like an Airbnb. Like, I want to stay there. Where’s the rent button? Let me go there and stay in that house. I think that’s the concept you’re trying to go for. Right? Because that’s an I got out of it. So

yeah, that’s funny. You said that cuz I actually started playing with my website a little bit and I’m making it look a little like an Airbnb like, thing would want to stay there.

And everyone’s gonna go check it out. Because you have some pretty cool DIY is I love how you like you said you explain how you made things. So thank you. I appreciate I’m sure the whole Mini World appreciates when an artist can explain and give their secrets or you know, their tips and how they did things. So

yeah, I’d love to do that more. Like I said, it’s just time consuming, but I do I mess chat with a lot of people. You know, sharing tips and everything. Um, I mean, I’m willing to share everything.

Yeah, well thank you for that. And can you explain your Is it a cafe or restaurant What are you building now?

It’s a like a seafood restaurant. I kind of wanted to just design the the seafood restaurant I would want to go to not too fancy and not like a shack. So I started building that from scratch I don’t know if you saw on my Instagram but i i took we had a lot of IKEA poster frames and say it has the the frame itself I thought it would be like a good foundation and then it has a giant piece of MDF in there and some plexiglass so I just cut it all up and created this shape I don’t it’s under my dollhouse home if you can see it

it’s pretty small. It’s not huge. It’s not

too small. Yeah, small little place walk order at the counter. But there’s places to sit

I love that that you you create things that you want in your real life or that’s so cool. And so you say I just cut it up so easy. Do you have a laser do you use hand tools?

I don’t have a laser I wish it did. I have a scroll saw I we actually our garage we have a whole woodshop and I grew up actually woodworking and making real size furniture. So I just go out there and use the tools I use to cut that up though I think like the MDF I used like a big like a box cutter okay and and my scrollsaw love that and

so if you know woodworking Can you give us any tips or tricks about there’s I see a lot of people asking questions about painting wood should you stay in wood what’s the best way to achieve you know that modern farmhouse look kind of like you have do you

paint a lot I do a lot of washes. I just use like acrylic paint water it down I do a lot of layers and I don’t use stain all that much actually.

Is there a certain kind of paint to like

I’m just like I just use like craft acrylic paint I do have a fairly large stash of house paint just from us doing our painting our house all the time. I have a lot of paint samples so use those I actually use anything that I use white like we have a white house paint that we just store in little jars it for touch ups and stuff and backs usually like white

could you always water down the paint or it just depends on if you’re doing a wash

I tend to just it glides easier I feel like I always

get streaks I don’t know maybe it’s the paintbrush and zine but part of me is like let’s just get out the spray can it’s a lot easier but living in Wisconsin you can always spray paint I hate

spray paint I use it’s like a necessary evil when you when you need that. Yeah, but look but for wood you know it’s It’s a lot of painting and working with it and then polyurethane I use water based Polyurethane because of cleanups easier. Or wax

that is one thing wax that I haven’t I haven’t hear about it like I’m gonna experiment experiment with this and I just haven’t done anything with it but so wax is just you paint it and then you put wax on it just gives it that final coating finish look.

Yeah, it gives it a little depth. And if you don’t want like, you know, super glossy surface, it’s a nice finish to the wood. Sanding is key, I guess.

Yeah, that’s, I think the worst to I have to when I was reading I think it was in your, your little DIY section of your, your website. You mentioned about electricity or redoing your bathroom and you really wanted a light in there. So you asked your husband and he he wasn’t really on board like with helping you. It’s so my husband he’s like a jack of all trades. He knows carpentry he knows plumbing enemies building us a bathroom right now and electricity. So when I asked him those type of questions, too, it’s like I get that look like oh, here we go again.

Yeah, I don’t remember that conversation. But yeah, I kind of had to take it all on myself. I just do it all myself.

So how can you talk a little bit about electrifying your house do you is that one all the rooms are electrified you just do battery operated.

Oh battery, it’s not wired. I never did that as a child. So it is all batteries. I really like the oven designs, kit kits, the batteries and the wires and stuff because you can wire it yourself. And I just it’s just a matter of a drill and I hide you know everything so like the bathroom sits below an empty little space under the roof. So I just wired everything up there and I stick my hand through a window and put the switch on kind of all like the kitchen lights are hidden under the bed

and how big do you think your battery is? Would you say like just maybe an inch? Like you don’t have to hide this big thing do you

know I use it’s the oven designs when I have or the coin cell okay, it’s not two batteries and they have a great one that’s just a target as a three volt little tiny micro LEDs. And yeah, I like the size I also have used some balloon lights

okay from like Amazon or

but mostly those little micro I think they’re like nano LEDs

because I know like to find a house sometimes is intimidating to people so

it is I just didn’t go through that whole process of buying the wiring kit and everything I kind of impatient so I just wanted to sign the lights themselves and then figure it out but it is kind of it’s kind of annoying to go through and turn them all on move the bed do the switch

yeah that’s

true it would be nice to to have a switch you know turn them all on. So being a visual person do you have to lay everything out in like for me even I even make up computer program like in Photoshop and I just have to see what the space is gonna be like are you like that or you just go with the flow and let me

decorate it my husband my husband’s and are attracted to and he when we do real life projects we put everything in Photoshop the dollhouse I don’t approach that way I just do it. I redo a lot I do and redo a lot like I’ve wallpaper to different you know wallpapers a few times and I just I don’t know I work kind of

I need to be more like that though because sometimes I like stress myself out almost I’m like this is a dowel house like why am I stressing myself out? I wish I could just go with the flow more so I need to be more like you

it’s it’s a little crazy. But yeah, like being able just redo it went off it doesn’t work just redo it.

And where are you finding your inspiration? Magazines, so they’re miniatures?

Yeah, I love watching other miniatures work on Instagram especially. But I usually I follow a lot of real life, you know, design blogs and house you know, Pinterest stuff.

Yeah, and there’s so much like I my Pinterest boards are ginormous because they just see something like that would make a cool download or room back? So will I ever get to it? We’ll see.

Yeah, I usually start pretty specific because I’ll be like, you know, I need this thing for my dollhouse that this big that you know sits next to a window or something so then I’ll go and I’ll search that specific description of it rather than looking for like inspiration pics and then trying to recreate it. Kind of I need those parameters to like narrow it down. And I definitely

need to be more like you. Because your sounds like you’re like a one project girl to where I’m like all over the board.

I’m all over the board. I am where you are. Okay. Yeah, yeah, it takes a lot of self discipline to try to stay focused. I try to just not have too many things going on once, but I can’t help it.

Oh, what else I was gonna ask you. Yes. And your website, your and your main page you have done and then that’s your you did?

I’m sorry. You didn’t look at it. Yeah,

I did. Yes. I loved it. And you click on dying. Okay, you have a fish tank in there. And there’s a real fish. Yeah. Explain. Check it out.

So we live, we have a little canal behind our house. And we have a dock and my kids love going down there, you know, like with a bucket and they’ll pull things out of the water and just study it and throw them back. And I just had that idea. I’m like, what if I need a little mini one because they’re always they pull out a lot of tiny fish or baby crabs. You definitely have to throw those back. And I thought I’ll just make a little mini aquarium. And we could put them in there. Run it to the restaurant. Take a quick video and throw in the back. Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. A little crabs are funny.

Because it actually like wait, is this I mean that miniature What am I seeing here so I loved it. But did you make the fish tank out of

just um, it’s just I think it’s that IKEA plexiglass or just I just had some plexiglass and I actually 3d printed the the bottom and the top with a little you know, edge to hold it in and just went and got some plumbing, silicone. It’s a mess. Like it’s just kind of like squirt it all in there. It took a few tries to get it watertight. But it worked.

I loved it. It was it was a definitely a great surprise when you look at your website for sure. Can we talk a little bit about 3d printing? So is this something you started when you got into miniatures? Or did you know how to 3d design in your art history or your art?

No, no, I I think when I decided to get into miniatures this time around I was looking at a lot of accounts and other stuff online and I’m like this has to be 3d printed. I don’t know how people are making this. So my husband bought me a resin printer. And I you know I opened it up I started reading the directions and I was like I don’t I don’t want to get into this it just like you know the mask and the gloves and the toxic fumes. So I actually returned it sent it back and then I ordered a filament one because it seems a lot easier. So I just taught myself I went on Tinkercad and taught myself and just started printing stuff but then of course as I got further into it I was like I think I want that resin one back so I bought it back. So now I have both

Okay, and do you find that you get much better detail with the resin?

Yes, but I still don’t like it it because of

the fumes or because of the mess. Yeah, it’s

a mess. And then the whole deal is all you use the resin one

Yeah, I don’t have a filament one to

the whole, like uncertainty of this is going to take a few hours and then it comes out and there’s nothing there.

For Your bed is melted just by a hair and then they don’t come out. Yeah, it’s frustrating.

So the film and when you can watch it as it’s being laid down. It’s kind of fun. Yeah, I just I don’t know. I don’t like cleaning the resin and dealing with all that, but it makes cute miniatures.

does. It does it’s like now that I have it and I learned it even though I’m not very good. Still at the 3d design of it. I bought Skillshare thinking I would teach myself like fusion 360 And, yeah, six months and I haven’t even opened Skillshare so are you still on? Tinkercad Do you find it beyond that now?

Um, you know, like, I always venture away from it and I come back to it because for just what we’re doing Doing it’s got kind of everything you need. I started using shaper 3d, because I can do that on my iPad with my pencil. I can leave work in a computer. But yeah, I think I think your cat has a lot of stuff. And plus, since you know, Illustrator, a lot of times I’ll make stuff in Illustrator, import it into Tinkercad and extrude. It takes out a lot of that you can get more deep like you know, personalized things.

Yeah. Yeah, I just I need to play more with it. So you definitely inspiration with everything. And I have to say I loved your did you make this snowman? The 3d Snowman.

Good. Yeah. Yeah, I made that. I made that in Tinkercad.

So that was one that you had an illustrator? Did you draw an illustrator and then bring it in?

I think I drew the scarf in Illustrator. So if you if you think about the profile of the scarf, it’s you know, this shape like this, like a random shape. So I think I drew that in Illustrator brought it in, extruded it and kind of made it like that. But the snowman itself is just, you know, like a sphere with another sphere. Just yeah, it’s, it’s a fun puzzle to figure out.

Is it just like the the smoothness that you had of the snowman was dead on to what I remember, as a child. Actually, this Christmas, my mom brought out all of her Christmas stuff, like everything. And she had I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the old time, it was just stances head and lit up. But she had that on up and I’m like, Oh, that would make an amazing. Miniature. So maybe next year, we’ll see. So do you have any plans for what’s next after your restaurant?

Um, I don’t know, just keep going. I think I want to do some more. Like wood pieces, you know, make some furniture. I haven’t done a lot of upholstery.

I would love to when I get done with this, I mean, I can always think of something I could do. You know, like a donation type of doll house. One that wouldn’t stay because I’m not allowed to keep more.

One thing i do that i i made a replica of my grandparents kitchen. So I made it with every 100 the order, I was going to partner up with the local senior center here and just make like the smallest room box for someone you know, with dementia, or maybe they just even just currently moved into that home and just make a snippet of something from their house that they left. So whether it be their favorite chair with their favorite TV show on something like that. So maybe something along those lines. Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah. It’s always been dear to my heart just because it was my grandma always loved looking at her kitchen when she was in the nursing home. So

yeah. Now a lot of people use the miniatures. Like a Yeah, as memory like memory to capture a yes. Time memory.

Yes, I have a lot of things I want to do. But the list is long. And I always have the time. I did want to talk ask you about you weren’t the vendor at the show of the Philadelphia show? was first time

as a vendor, yes. Yeah. As a child, we would go to miniature shows. Okay, so it wasn’t my first time at a miniature show. But my first time as a vendor, and it was so much fun. Yeah, just a real blast and meeting people, too.

Yeah, it did. I bet it was pretty cool. Like you have a pretty big following on Instagram just to see people that way. Like they recognize you and awesome. So will you do it again next year? I

think so. Um, so this year, they asked me to be a vendor, and I was a little intimidated by it. And I asked my friend Marina, you know, marinas, mini life. Yes. Yeah. I asked her. She wanted to do it with me. So she said yes. So we shared a table. So it was the two of us and we had a really good time. And yeah, it’s like we have to go back next year. We have to

find I hope to get there next year. That’s so cool that you have a mini mini friend. I wish I had, you know, like, how long have you did you meet because of miniatures or did you know each other

on Instagram? Oh, yeah, we just mess we’re messaging and

yeah, that It’s so cool. And she lives near you.

Now she lives in New York. So I invited her, like this summer, maybe for a visit.

I remember now, yeah, we did the mini swap in the mini district. Right? You guys are like, you swept us together. And we’re like, friends. I’m like, Oh,

I was No, I didn’t. That wasn’t that you owe

that to someone else. They’re like, What’s the odds that you? You know, you, you partners partner to us up and we’re like best friends. And like, I thought maybe that was YouTube’s

other best friend, I guess.

Or maybe it wasn’t even her I thought. Well, I hope to see you at the show that next year. And another cool thing that happened. You’ve been in American miniatures and shrunk?

Yeah. I guess they like my photos.

Do and one thing about your photos, you have amazing light. Is that just like natural light? Are you using lots of other you know, photographic lights.

I to natural light, I work in a loft. So I have a door. Maybe I’ll see the door. And then my loft actually looks out into our living room. And we have skylights. So room is always it always has a lot of light. I don’t like artificial light. I have a self imposed rule. I’m not allowed to take pictures at night. Because I don’t like artificial light.

Or you’re lucky I’m in the basement. So you know, photographing miniatures and stuff when you it is?

It is but I think I think that’s like my favorite part is taking the photos. Because it’s still recording.

They look professional? For sure. I thought maybe you were a photographer or not, you know?

Well, I guess back from my art director days, I worked with a lot of photographers and learned a few a few things. You know?

What would you say your favorite part of miniatures is? Like the maybe the material that you use Do you like clay? Making food?

Do you love making food? I don’t do that enough. I I love making food. I’m always trying to get my kids on, like, let’s sit down and make some food. But I love I love just making things I love making things that you can touch, you know, as opposed to computer design. I love the process of figuring out how to make it, the whole puzzle of it. And how to make it look as realistic as I can. So

and so people can find you on Etsy, right?

Yeah, there’s not much in my store right now. Cuz I’m taking a little break.

Okay, we all need

it’s still there, and I’ll start adding stuff soon.

So do you have a time? Like, okay, every Friday I’m going to create every Monday I’m going to do like, do you have your time blacked out on your schedule when you’re going to be creative?

Mornings because after my kids go to school, you know, that’s my free time is mornings, so I can I can do that. As long as I know like, dinner will get made. Then I can do some mini making. It’s just really nice. I really love doing it. Or if

dinner isn’t made there’s grilled cheese, right? There’s always cereal or grilled cheese No, I decided this year I’m I’m carving out more me time to create whether it’s drawed do whatever but I just need more of that in my life. I feel so I’m scheduling me into my calendar this year.

Oh, nice. Yeah, I guess I’ve always been selfish that way. I just always do it. Like I feel I learned that about myself a long time ago as I’m not I need to make something all the time. And I don’t feel like myself if I’m not making something but like even dinner like just making dinner. I’m kind of happy. I’m creating something new. I

gotta use your hands. Yes, I totally. Totally. Well, thank you so much again for sharing your Mini World and letting us in and sharing some stuff. Is there anything else you want to share? Maybe? Do you have one tip for someone maybe that’s looking at your Instagram is intimidated. Come on. We all we all are there. No, no, that happens. You know, like I don’t know how to start.

Yeah. With minis or it’s funny a lot of questions I get on my Instagram are about my photos. So I could give you some tips about that is, I mean, I just take my photos on my phone for the most part, use that little trick where you put your finger on to focus on what you want to focus on. And then I just use the sliders like lighten it up. And just use those sliders.

have any tips for someone that wouldn’t have all that natural light, like you have?

Green light, I think because you can get that natural. Yeah, I

find that they’re softer than using but I feel like then I need like six ring lights. I mean, it’s dark where I’m work. So

because I use my ring light, sometimes to put outside my dollhouse to make it look brighter, like natural light, like we get when I’m in New Jersey. So we get some wintry cloudy days that are not the best for photographing. But yeah, I guess if it if you use a really I just would say never use your flash. Just don’t use flash. Yeah.

Maybe someday I’ll have a nice lofted area like Teresa then when we can. You do have a picture actually of your dollhouse in your loft on your Instagram. And when I saw that, I’m like, I want that.

It’s not that big though. I can’t fit another dollhouse in here. So it’s a little kind of a narrow space. It’s a galley craft space.

And you say you always playing your dollhouse like every day like you’re well. Yeah, obviously you’re taking different pictures all the time. So

I can’t come in here every day. We just for the new year. We just kind of cleaned up my space and got some desks and it’s I don’t know if the girls have come in here more. I think it’s just a fun place to be. I have I have it set up. So it’s welcoming for them to come in and make whatever they want to won’t be minis but

you know, they paint. You know, I just we need like a maker space.

Everyone does. Maybe you can get ones for the wall. You know, like ruin boxes for the wall. Maybe put your dollhouse on a big wall. Do you have that?

I thought about that. I thought about doing room boxes. Yeah.

Kind of like simple living designs that are named simply.

Yeah, she’s got this wall filled with rain boxes. Yeah,

maybe that if you don’t have floor space, put them on the wall. Well, thank you again, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for for the mini beach house. Well,

thank you. Thanks for having me.

Yeah, you’re welcome. Thank you. And I’ll put everything in the show notes so people can find you on Instagram and your website for sure. Check out all your beautiful creations. Okay, so thank you have a great day, Teresa. You too.



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