Using a Cricut to Make Dollhouse Miniatures


Using a Cricut to Make Dollhouse Miniatures

Crafting with a Cricut to make dollhouse miniatures can be fun and rewarding. If you got a Cricut for Christmas or are wondering what a Cricut cutting machine is, I will explain just that and how to get started making miniatures with it.

I bought my first Cricut Maker about one year ago to make dollhouse miniatures, and I remember being so overwhelmed. My excitement quickly became frustrated because I thought it would be easier than it was. I wasted a lot of time and lots of money on card stock and expensive vinyl, trying to make my mini-projects come to life.

After hours of YouTube research, calls to Cricut’s customer service, and cursing, I finally figured it out. So when I say that, I understand how frustrated you can be with your Cricut machine; it’s because I’ve been there I get it!


My very first project- Dollhouse Miniature Home Decor Signs

I want to take the frustration out of the equation and hopefully answer questions about using your Cricut for mini-making.

Learn How to Make Miniatures Using Your Cricut Workshop

This new miniature workshop I just launched will allow you to dive in deeper with making miniatures using your Circut. The new University located here at The Mini District will be the hub for our paid workshops we’ll launch throughout the months to come.

In Learn How to Make Miniatures Using Your Cricut, I teach you three simple steps to master your mini-making with the Cricut so you can continue creating lovely projects for your dollhouse.

You’ll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: Materials & tools most used for miniature making with your Cricut
  • Lesson 2: How to set up your Cricut & the basics of Design Space
  • Lesson 3: Creating and uploading SVG files to Cricut Design Space

Get Several Bonuses:

  • 16 Cricut Hacks PDF – learn all the tricks I wish I had known when starting out
  • A free SVG file for making miniature portrait frames
  • A supply list with clickable links mentioned in this workshop
  • Full tutorial and files to complete the farmhouse table
  • Printable art PDF for frames


What Is A Cricut Machine?

A Cricut is a smart electronic cutting machine. It’s like a mix between a craft plotter and a laser cutter, but with a knife. It allows you to create projects with fantastic precision, ideal for any dollhouse miniature project. It also adds unseen speed and quality.

A Cricut machine can quickly and accurately cut hundreds of different materials, such as vinyl, card stock, paperboard, etc. The Cricut Maker model has more cutting capabilities and can cut from the most delicate paper and fabric to rigid materials like leather and basswood. Having this feature is ideal when making dollhouse miniature structures and furniture.

Cricut is also revolutionizing the industry by bringing sublimation printing to crafter’s fingertips with their latest release, Infusible Ink. Sublimation will also make dollhouse miniature making more fun!

These very detailed vinyl pieces on the bowls were cut using a Cricut Maker.

Which Cricut Machine Should I Purchase?

There are currently two different Cricut models: Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker. You can buy them directly from the Cricut website.

In my opinion, the Cricut Maker is the best option for dollhouse miniature making because it allows the cutting of thicker materials like leather and even wood. When researching a craft cutting machine, it is essential to find the one that fits your needs.


Do I Need a Computer to Use a Cricut?

No, you do not need a computer to use a Cricut machine. Instead, you use Cricut’s Design Space, a software program (and app) that allows you to create, upload, and manage files to operate the Cricut machines. You can access the app wirelessly on some machines, via your computer, tablet, and even mobile device.

Cricut Design Space also allows you to access a library of projects and files to download, some for free and others for purchase.

What Supplies and Materials Do I Need to Get Started Making Miniatures on the Cricut?

After getting my machine, the Basic Cricut Tool Set* was the first thing I purchased. I knew I wanted all the little tools that make weeding, cutting, and removing small items from the mats a little easier.

Cutting mats* are a must for dollhouse miniature making on a Cricut. Each mat is optimized to cut various materials easily and has a different level of stickiness and color to help you identify them. These different mats are listed and explained more in the “How to Make Miniatures with Your Cricut” workshop.

Blades* are vital as they do the cutting, and you choose the different blades depending on the material you decide to cut. If you wish to learn more about the various blades, enroll in the “How to Make Miniatures with Your Cricut” workshop.

The following models of the Circut come with:

  • Cricut Explore One: Fine-Point blade.
  • Cricut Explore Air and Air 2: Fine-Point blade.
  • Cricut Maker: Fine-Point blade and a Rotary blade.

What Type of Files Work with the Cricut?

The most popular cut file format is SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. It can be used in different software, including but not limited to Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Sure Cuts A Lot, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Get your free SVG download in our Freebie Warehouse by downloading it today.

Is the Cricut Machine Easy to Use?

The Cricut is easy to use, but as I mentioned above, there is a learning curve, especially if you are not a very tech-savvy person.

You need to follow some necessary steps to set up and start a project. Along with my machine, a set of cards explained super simple how-to connect to the power, where to download the Design Space app, and where to go to create your Cricut ID.

I highly recommend the “How to Make Miniatures with Your Cricut” workshop so that you can start using your machine with zero frustration. So don’t worry because you are in good hands!


Farmhouse table that we build together in the Cricut workshop!

Is a Cricut Machine Worth The Investment?

Purchasing a cutting machine is a significant investment, but for me, the time a Cricut can save is more than enough. The complexity of cuts you can make, not to mention the different materials you can use, make every miniaturist’s dream come true.

So, I would say, yes, it is so worth it! Tell me how you like the “How to Make Miniatures with Your Cricut” Workshop.


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