Today I share my newest Podcast Episode. I had the privilege of talking with Roy Moore, the President of NAME which stands for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURES ENTHUSIASTS.

So what is NAME: its has been organized to serve the miniature collector and builder, and its object is to create, stimulate and maintain a national interest in all matters pertaining to miniatures, to serve as a clearing house for ideas relating to miniature collecting and building, and to encourage new and creative talent.

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Hello Friends!! I’m back for another Episode of My Miniature Obsession Podcast!

I hope that you are well and getting out and about this summer! We just went to Mackinac Island camping for 4 days and I LOVE the Island. I put it on my bucket list to live on the Island for an extended amount of time. Maybe not Summer and Definitely NOT winter so I will try for spring for my favorite, Fall!

It’s always good to be back home though. I have been working more on my First Monthly Subscription Box which will ship out August 5th! If you haven’t heard about it… let me tell you a little more because I’m super excited and Love to tell about it! So its a Subscription Box that will be delivered to your door every other month and inside will be fun and festive miniatures for your dollhouse. They will be seasonal and will range from DIY projects, Items to decorate the inside and outside your dollhouse or Mini Scenes with and some will also contain creations from Featured Artists from around the world

As you may know… Miniatures take a Long time to make and because these are handcrafted I have to limit the # of boxes being shipped out. SO if you want to get yours simply head over to minisubscriptionbox.com to get signed up!

So enough housekeeping… let’s chat a little about today’s episode! I had the privilege of talking with Roy Moore, the President of NAME which stands for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURES ENTHUSIASTS.

So what is NAME: its has been organized to serve the miniature collector and builder, and its object is to create, stimulate and maintain a national interest in all matters pertaining to miniatures, to serve as a clearing house for ideas relating to miniature collecting and building, and to encourage new and creative talent.

I’m a new member of the group and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to go to one their roundtables or conventions in the near future. Now that things are finally opening up again! Which is a topic for another day… because I want to do a few shows this year and next and would love all your feedback on which one I should attend. BUT we will have that for another day!

You can find NAME’s website at miniatures.org Also… while there check out the logo I created for NAME! It’s for their 50th Anniversary Celebration! If you can’t find it there you can find it on the IG as I just posted it today. My handle is: @micdropminiatures

I hope you enjoy our Conversation AND if you did would you please share it with a friend and let them have a listen also! AND if you would be so kind please tell me a review! I’d love to hear what you think of this podcast. I’m hear to bring you the best content and conversation so your input really matters to me! OH and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes.

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0:23 Hello, how are you? I am just fine. Let me just my volume here little thank you so much for meeting with me today, boy,

0:32 no problem. Glad to do so. Oh, it’s Florida. Very nice, pretty nice. We’re low 80s little overcast today.

0:51 I know, I don’t like really hot weather. So this is perfect. 70 I wish I could stay like this all year. So to get started, um, first of all, I have so many questions. But can you tell us a little bit how you became the president of name, the National Association of miniature enthusiasts

1:10 hey, you know, that’s a, that’s a long story in itself that could take up the whole our whole session. Maybe they come down version. You know, the very, very simple thing is that miniatures for me has always been following where my wife goes, because she’s an artist and a miniatures and just extremely good. And I care deeply for her. So I support what she does and go where she does. And because I am not a miniatures myself, it gave me time to begin volunteering, doing some other things, which, which actually did before I retired. And as I was ending my career, I was chief engineer for a firm that had 22 offices in the East region, which is essentially the Eastern Time Zone plus Nashville. So I could travel to any of those offices anytime I wanted, and just spend time there. And I was in Indianapolis and went by and my wife was active in name. And I had also gotten involved on things. But I went by that the name office, which is an old Victorian house, and it needed a lot of help on the outside. And I kind of like working in new in the yard. So I asked what I could do to help and I got a whole long list of plants to pull up and weeds to pull and that sort of thing. And I really, really enjoyed that. So I found myself spending more time in the Indianapolis office than any other because the office was only about 10 miles from Carmel where the where the headquarters is. And so my story is really just a story of volunteering as much as anything. And over time as we traveled to conventions and house parties, and with Shannon’s involvement. Her friends became my friends just because I was there. And that was that was kind of the way we got started. There were a lot of a lot of men in name that were sort of like me and others who were miniatures themselves and travel to shows. So not having a lot to do at these shows myself, another fellow started the name men’s Garden Club, what really became a hoot, we were the largest club in name and probably still the second because many cyber club has taken over the world. But we had it we had a lot of fun with the garden thing and that that also revolved around my volunteering, and actually volunteering at the house because 12 years ago, the National Convention was in Indianapolis. And because I’ve been volunteering around the house, I was asked if I would be chairman of a spruce up committee and help to clean up and work on the outside of the house, which I did a lot of work in what was then the backyard that we doing. And at the same time a fellow, the Columbus miniature society with whom Dan zirkel was involved, raised about $1,000 to improve the landscaping around the house that the idea that we should really look nice for the national convention. Well over the course of time, because I was working on the outside of the house and Dan was planning flowers, we got to talk and and and he said because you like to work outside. He says we had a formula club.

4:47 And we could take care of the garden. Make and turns out he’s a master gardener. And I like gardening but i like i like to interact with people more than not so we We decided we’d farm a garden club, but I started flipped a deal on him when I announced it at the National Convention, I said, this is gonna be the name men’s Garden Club, but we’re not going to do any work. And so we played with that idea that all of the fellows in the garden club couldn’t do any work unless they were on a committee. So right away, we formed a garden committee so that the four or five of us who wanted to help take care of their garden could. And then we also formed a social committee. So we could meet in the bar, at national and we played with a lot of little things about that garden club. And as a result, I became friends with a lot of men, almost every man and name eventually joined in a men’s Garden Club, we were up to, I think, 180 members or something like that, at one time. And all of those guys were either either did miniatures, or most of them were just married to a miniatures going along for the ride. And every time we went to a convention, or, you know, yeah, big convention in Chicago, or Philadelphia, or name, I would get a few more members of the garden club and, and what I wasn’t realizing was that I was getting a lot of male friends, but also a lot of woman friends, we, we needed to take care of the garden, and I would put out a little notice that the garden needs fertilizing, and some of the ladies would send in a check $50 $100 $10. So we had a little fun to help take care of that garden, and my circle of friends continued to widen, amongst the women, and then just sort of one thing led to another. And somebody one time thought we that I would be a good one to run for treasure. And guys, that’s eight or 10 years ago said, okay, I’ve been I’ve been doing some financial planning and stuff with with one of my assignments, I ran for treasure in name, and I got my butt whipped. Bill Allen was running against me and he campaign. And and I just got trounced. Even though I had these friends, he did a little campaigning, and I didn’t do any. But you know, the really good thing was that we had a very good treasure in bill. And I learned a lesson that it’s okay to lose, we don’t have to win. Everything we do to be a value to name. And so Shannon was at at that time promoting online region, which is sort of what an event an event ultimately became the Create side and through a number of steps. But so again, you know, that hurt connections, and my friendship just led to more stuff. And continuing involvement, like working around the house and doing other volunteer things. And then I don’t know, after several years, someone asked me if I Well, I know what it was. We were at a convention that they hadn’t planned for. Dealers Association meeting. Most of the conventions, the main national convention in the summertime, they had an after convention meeting on Friday, or afternoon or Saturday afternoon, with all the dealers gathered around. And for some reason, the hosts of that convention, I won’t even name it decided that all the dealers ever did was complained, so we weren’t going to have a meeting. So I organized a meeting. And that was really my, my first move away from the garden club and actually organizing things. And because there were some, some really kind of negative things from the dealers going around. before the meeting, I went around, and I visited with all the dealers and then at at the meeting, I sort of facilitated that. And things went pretty well and tempers came down and so on. And after that Bruce Nike who had been president of name before and was one of the dealers came to me and says, if you can talk like that, you need to get on the name board. And I says, Yeah, Bruce Lee ran, I got defeated, he says, Now, you won’t have to worry about it. This time, you won’t have to be defeated. So that’s, I know, six or seven years ago, and that’s how I first got on the name board. And then it’s just sort of progressed.

9:44 From there. I was, I was an enjoyed being a club liaison, and my first assignment and then, geez, it was only two years and somebody says, Well, we like you. Somebody said, No, remember you 4000 members a name and it takes one person to say something. Somebody says you ought to run for the first vice president, because you could be president a couple of years. And we think we I one person, that I’m not going to name that person. Thought so so I did. And this time dog ghanim I was unopposed, so I couldn’t lose. I thought that was so great. They had me all lined up. I was unopposed. And and once you are in that first vice president position, nobody runs against you. That’s by the bylaws, so you automatically become president. Okay. So that’s how I got in anyway, long story. But that’s how I got to be president of name.

1:04 No, they’re somewhat similar. But that’s not the logo at all. The house that we’re in was purchased about 20 years ago, a name is about 40 years old. Okay, then began its existence on the west coast. And I’m not sure of the reason I guess we could review some old because that’s some stuff but eventually decided to move to the Midwest. I think maybe the person who was office manager something that time he had family in the Midwest, and they decided that would be a good place to have our office a lot. At the time, it was a lot more economical. It also was central to the country. So if anybody wanted to travel there, it was nice and remains a good location. For all house needs some work, but so people actually like working there every day, like Yes, Yes, we have. We have one full time employee, Kim, and she really runs the show for it. She’s just amazing. She takes almost every problem that comes along, she handles. And then we have another gal Barb Delph, who is part time and she handles most of the membership. Most of the club stuff, I should say, not the membership. So if there are any changes in the club contact for a name club. They work that through Barb and she gets it into the Gazette. And then actually a volunteer with Jose volunteered happens to be my wife takes care of the club section on the main net name website. So that’s, that’s kind of how that works. But yes, so Kim, Kim Ash is our office manager. And she’s, I’d say, she’s really more than full time, because she just really is has the ability to work with people in and get a lot done for us. So who takes care of the garden now? Who takes care of what the garden? Well, unfortunately, I retired. So it’s a 1200 mile drive or an airplane ride for me. Yeah. And we actually we’ve, we actually hire a landscaper now to take care of the garden. And it’s not. And we’ve gone to a little bit more basic modern type gardening, when Dan zirkel was involved as, as their master gardener, he was very careful to select plants that showed color all year round. And they were you know, the right kind of plants are planted on the north side of the house. And, and all that. Well, what happened is we as I retired, and some of the other guys that really worked on the garden grew older and some of the past for that matter dropped from name, we we decided we would hire a landscaper and we’re not even I was able when I was when I was chair of the men’s garden club to raise money. And once I’m President, I have a responsibility to raise money in a different way. So I don’t use my leverage, as President to raise money for the garden we raise, we work to our overall funding for name and get that out of the budget. And we spend, you know, we spend quite a bit of money because we’re at we’re in a nice district, we want the place to look nice and professional.

14:46 Absolutely. One of the requirements in our name bylaws, one of the reasons we exist is to to provide educational services but we do that through classes for one of the things and other opportunities, but we are required by our bylaws to maintain a museum. So we have a, we do have a museum, it’s not. It’s not officially open to the public, but any name member can come and knock on the door and get in and see our collection. And in that collection we have we have souvenirs and centerpieces from all of the name, house parties and conventions. So there’s quite a collection, quite a history there in the sense of what we’ve done with our events. We also have in name, I’m not sure how long you’ve been in. I know you love miniatures, we have the Academy of honor. And watch each year, the committee can select people, members who they believe have provided the greatest service to name or have outstanding artistic abilities. And for those with the outstanding artistic abilities, they usually as a result of being nominated to the academy provided a sample of the work that they do. So we have some fabulous furniture pieces and stuff of artists from over the year. So we really actually have some very nice stuff. We just we haven’t attempted to proactively run the places a museum, because we would probably have to hire another fertile full time person and arrange for some volunteer docents and people to to assist us in that. And we’ve primarily just because of our financial situation, which is not bad. But we would you know, we’d probably be talking another 70 $80,000 a year to make that museum more active. And one of the sort of neat things is just down the street there. We do have we don’t the miniature community has a really nice miniature museum that’s there in Carmel. So it’s an attract, it definitely is an attraction on its own. And that makes going to Carmel to visit our office or see our gardens or do things kind of nice, because there is a miniature Museum, right? They’re in town, which is very nice.

17:39 Well, house parties used to be house parties was ever major event we had. Now house parties are more localized, generally by region instead of the whole country. They were originally sort of intended to serve a region, but to provide nearly all of the things that we would do in a convention, except for a business meeting. And then furthermore, they’re short, they’re three or four days depending on whether you count the the classes that are taught, and that sort of thing. But otherwise, they’re like a convention, we you know, have a big welcoming ceremony. We have a committee of people that plan for two or three years ahead of time for all of the events to arrange for dealers, and all of the all of the events that go with the roundtables that Thursday night classes, or Thursday night project. And for dealers to be in the showroom and for exhibits to be arranged to attract miniatures in the area to come. And originally house parties tended to be maybe by scale, we would have a a small scale House Party, which would focus mostly on quarter inch stuff or might have a house party that focused on one inch scale. And over time, we decided that because there was a business meeting, and it was a little bit bigger product that we would change the name of our national get together, which is usually in July to a convention. And so that’s the basic difference there between conventions and house parties. conventions is the major time we get together for business, in addition to having all the fun that people have events, and then it’s happens over a longer time. They have part of the house convention committee that plans these events almost always starts three years ahead of time and they’re just a tremendous level of effort goes into that planning to arrange for souvenirs, which everybody? Everybody gets for all of the meals, for tours for evening functions and just a Grand Old Party.

20:17 Yes, yes, we switched locations, we now we’re, we go back some locations we go back to we’ve been several times when we had been to Louisville several times we’ve been to Orlando, Florida a couple of times we’ve been to the west coast, we’ve been to Seattle least a couple of times, Anaheim a couple of times, and it sort of depends often someone will step up and say, Oh, we want to have a, we think it’d be great idea in four years to have a convention and let’s say St. Louis, and they’re usually there from St. Louis, because they love the place, and they think they’d like people to be there. So to go for a convention or to get approval to sponsor that thing. We have to have a, and we’ll say a qualified leader who becomes your house part of their convention chair. And then also, in addition to that position, the operations chair, and that’s the person who’s responsible to see all of the physical happenings, and Advent go on. So those two key positions we ask for right up front, and then those people in addition with members of the board will come up with that committee to to get it all going. Oh, I’m sorry. No, no, I’m not stopping point there.

21:47 I was just wondering how with COVID are you still doing them? Or are they still?

21:52 No, we have not as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, we will have missed house parties and conventions for two full years. By the time we get back. We, we postpone postpone them last year to this year. And this year, we ended up skipping over the ones that get postponed till next year to two years from now. So unfortunately, we have not been able to have physical conventions and real godsend for that. And this was a member of the board. Rhonda Keefe, who had long time had a goal of becoming more interactive online, took the leadership and helped us develop the Create site which has become a real mainstay for people being active. In addition, name has has acquired several zoom licenses that can be used for meetings and for teaching for teaching events online. So we have had classes, number of classes, we’ve had theme luncheons, you know, theme lunches, essentially a group of people you meet with a theme legend, presenter, and that presenter talks usually about what he or he or she has done in miniatures with somebody with a presentation and then provides a gift to all of those present at a meal function. And that’s why they were called the luncheons. Those similar events have moved online within the Create environment. And they’re now called gift and Gabs, they usually still the people still give a gift and there’s still a presentation. But we don’t have a meal to go with it. Unless you remember some way ahead of time.

23:53 Bring your brown paper bank right. So can you talk a little bit because I was on there and it’s it is a great site, but I loved it. There’s you can get lost on that site. And there’s so much to see. Can you talk a little bit about what a Sunday chat is? And also a pod?

24:09 Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, let’s just go with Sunday chats. Those actually those are done by an individual and will it become associated Marcia Hudspeth and wonderful they’re not an actual name of Van but she promotes them for name and many of the attendees to that chat. On Sunday afternoon, are named members others are not and that’s just, it’s just a wonderful opportunity for people to to go they’re now doing on. Well, I guess they’re still just online chats for that matter. Interactive type your messages and we do have a number of We do have a number of zoom sessions and Marcia sponsors one of them. Debbie young, wonderful. Name, member and past president has a session called round two. It’s on Wednesday evening. Jay, I guess? I don’t know. There’s some others. There’s several there’s we just seem to be blossoming with zoom activities that are available for people to interact with online. Now, I don’t know. Is that enough of that? Because I’ll go into pods. And there you go. Another?

25:40 Yeah, no, that’s fine. I would love to know all that. I didn’t realize there was so much, you know, when I signed up, wow, I’ll

25:46 tell you, there’s several things I’ve been involved with. And, and, and started pods were originally my idea. I’m really proud of that. And the idea of a pod came about, because to form a name club, you’re required by bylaws to get five people together. And that is oftentimes difficult. And not historically, those five people have met physically, and they usually start in somebody’s house. And we just were having a lot of trouble getting pods started. So I said, and when you’re a name club, you have to do things, you have to make reports every year, talk about renew your club charter be involved in a lot of activities, you must have, you must have a president, you must have a secretary treasurer. So there’s a lot of things that takes is to do a club as much fun as they are. So I thought, well, what the heck, why? Why don’t we make something that’s easier than a club, but still facilitates people to get together. And so came up with the idea pod presented to the Board. They were Wow, that’s really neat. Let’s do things. And the original idea, or my idea of a pod, would be the two or three people who maybe already meet, I actually got the idea because I was on a membership committee. And I made a lot of phone calls as a result of being on a membership committee. And one of the gals I called and talked to you about members was in their mid 80s at the time. And she says, I can’t I just can’t be involved in a club, and I’m too old to travel. But I’ll tell you what I do. She says I have a friend in Canada, long ways away, and I can’t really afford to make phone calls. But what we did, and this will be years ago before zoom and whatever is we we get on Skype. And we point our little cameras down at projects we’re working on on Skype. And every two weeks we get on Skype, and we talk and chat for about three or four hours and we work on our projects and show each other what we’re doing. And I thought wow, that could be an idea for a pod, you know, people get good get together in twos or threes or whatever. And in spite of the fact that they were sort of the motivation for me to promote pods, my original idea buds, would they, it would still be people in the community who physically got together and just met, and they named themselves but they didn’t have to report or do anything else they just met they were a pod is just give them a way to you know, talk of a name, you know, we’ve got peas in a pod. I don’t know all kinds of little names. Now, the unfortunate thing is because they don’t report. I don’t know how many of those kind of buds there are. But what what really happened and sort of took off is some of the people on mine says Well, let’s do online pods. And we have a number of online pods and they sort of became I’ll call them user groups that were focused on something. The first online pod I think was a Halloween pod. And the thing about all pods is still are to belong to a pod, you still have to be a name member. So that was a way for people online. So we’ve got a I don’t know a Halloween pod and a Christmas pot in a porch plot and unfinished projects pod. And each of those pods sort of evolved from the Facebook group. And they’re separate groups. They’re separate Facebook groups themselves but to be in a pod and and if you want to focus on porches, for instance, I think I’m the I’m the leader of the porch pod because somebody quit the end Nobody,

30:01 I just asked him to join the Facebook group. So you’ll have to accept me. Yeah. You won’t even, you won’t even have to answer the question. I didn’t answer it. So are these all online then? Or could there be a pod in my area? Like they meet physically? I know maybe because I don’t

30:21 know of one that’s in your area that physically meets most of it? Well, I was, I won’t say most of the action, because we’re don’t, we don’t monitor the pots. You know, I know there’s a group of ladies in, you know, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, four or five. That mean, I know, there’s a group in the San Francisco area. That’s not a name club that that meets. If you wanted to, if you’re meeting with two or three other people, and you want to call yourself upon, you’re welcome to do that. If you want to join one of the online pods, we ever once a while, we posted a main Facebook group some links to those pods, or you can you can search by topic and find them.

31:05 That’s so cool that you started that it’s got to feel rewarding to, you know, have that idea to bring so many people together, and I’m sure they enjoy it. So that’s, that’s really cool. So you said that there’s 4000 members in name? Are they mostly all US citizens? Or is it worldwide?

31:25 Yeah, well, there’s not quite 4000 now. And that’s not the point. They’re worldwide, but most of them would be in the in the United States. Okay. Next to that would come Canada. And then we have ones and twos and threes. We there’s some members of Australia. I, when I was promoting the name men’s Garden Club, I talked a lot a lot to men. And one time we were at the Chicago convention, the Tom Bishop, big Chicago show and walking down the aisle and I said, Shannon, you see that couple walking towards us. I’ll bet you I can talk him into the name men’s Garden Club, absolute stranger, but he was at a minute they were admitted your show. So I engage them in a conversation. And it turned out they were from New Zealand. And they were reasonably financially well off. And every year they come to the United States, when it was winter in New Zealand and they rented or bought a car and drove all over the country. And they were into miniatures a bit. And Yep, I talked him into joining the Navy men’s Garden Club and to name a they didn’t even know what name was. And I said, well, geez, if you’re driving around the country, if you ever get to Florida, come by and talk to you. And I’ll be damn about for your four months, not four months, a couple months later, we had this beep beep in the driveway and a knock knock on the door. And there they were. wonderful couple from New Zealand day. They stayed with us for three or four days. He was interested in garden railroad stuff, which turns out to be half scale in the miniature world. And he and I, we went around to train jobs shopping for train stuff for him and I got somewhat interested. But I figured out that if you really get into garden Railway, it’s, it’s at least it’s as expensive as miniatures. And it takes up a lot of room. Now, my only miniature project and it’s unfinished is a Caboose that I started for some railroad stuff. And the years are doing we want to know, eight or 10 years ago, every once in a while I get it up and hold it up in front of the cameras. And here’s my unfinished project. It’s pretty good. But I’ll tell you what, what I really learned is I’m not really cut out for for detailed work. I love working with wood. Matter of fact, I just come in from outside building some signs for out in the park somewhere. But, and I say this sort of jokingly but it’s not all funny. It’s my scale of woodworking is two by fours. And occasionally I cut one short, but if I do I only cut it short on one end. So that means if I were playing baseball, I’d be batting 500. Does your wife still create managers? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. She’s busy all the time. And she volunteers. A lot for managers helping on the website. She’s in the midst of teaching a class actually for igma. Not named not that she doesn’t love name. But this class was divided I think in three sessions, two of which were last week. Again, and then the final session is tomorrow. So she absolutely loves teaching in, in furniture kinds of thing. She has a library of two or 300 books that focus almost earlier all on architecture and furniture. So she’s got her own resources of it’s time for a new project. And she never she hardly ever teaches the same project twice. So rover 30 years and a couple of three events a year. It’s just a huge amount of different projects that she’s gone through. To do her work.

Unknown Speaker 35:45 One of her classes so how big is her collection? Just do you have a whole room dedicated to miniatures?

Unknown Speaker 35:51 We don’t know. We don’t not collect miniatures. She builds them and sells them. Our she teaches classes. Okay. Our collection we have very few, I guess maybe she she has a dog collection of maybe 2030 dolls, you know, bigger scale dolls. Okay, I have you can count on a handful, a few minutes or pieces that just absolutely struck me over the years. We used to have a really wonderful toy builder, and name in the end a miniature community. His name is David cripple. And he lived here in Florida. Went to he was a name a member was on the board for a while just incredibly talented. And he did his work before laser cutting. And he I was inspired by a little miniature train set that he built and so that was the first miniature I actually purchased for myself and I absolutely just love it to this day. It’s just a little circus type train and it’s so incredibly detailed. A lot of jeweler saws and painting you know now those things can be done in minutes with a 3d thing but I he spent he had to spend a week or so building the starting train set so I got that and then I have a couple of other pieces that are really lie. Has

Unknown Speaker 37:25 your wife tried any of the new technology like the laser or the 3d printer?

Unknown Speaker 37:29 No. That just has an appeal to her. She loves working in where would the laser cut She works in one inch scale. Okay, so pieces cut one at scale in would pretty much have a chart or blackened edge which is totally unnatural and requires a lot of sanding to get that looking like a finished piece of furniture. lasers are fabulous for work that’s going to be painted or they bought a lot of detailed two quarter scale is smaller scale projects and made it possible to really build those themes in smaller scales but she hasn’t really adapted quarter and scale and nor has she laser or 3d printing or or though that sort of thing. She’s got you know, their collection of tools are still a scroll saw and and milling machines and lathes and. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 38:39 where could we see her work? I thought you said she sells it right as you have a online shop or anything.

Unknown Speaker 38:45 Yeah, she’s a That’s right. It’s just Shannon’s minis.com Okay. And she doesn’t have a lot of I don’t have show but she probably has quite a bit of stuff there. She’s in spite of the fact that she loves to teach. She loves furniture. She’s much better known for the book boxes she bills, which are, you know, essentially hollowed out books with the with an interior built and lit so people could decorate them in a scene. Okay, she’s barely below. I don’t know, she’s probably build 1000 of them over 40 years. He’s always getting SATs, exaggerating, but she’s definitely built a lot. And so cool.

Unknown Speaker 39:30 Well, anything else you want us to know about name or you before we close it? I guess maybe tell us where one can sign up for name. What

Unknown Speaker 39:38 were managers.org join? That’s easy thing we generally we would have links to that from our create site from I would say in our Gazette but you have to belong to get the magazine. So today, I pray One. Oh, good for you. Good for you.

Unknown Speaker 40:03 Yeah, I’m finding it, there’s so much out there. I didn’t, I didn’t really know, you know, signing up. But once I got onto your site I was, there’s a lot of ways that you can get involved and ways to learn. So I think it’s gonna be really beneficial.

Unknown Speaker 40:17 ell, I’d love to see young people like you coming into the miniature world. As name president, I’m particularly pleased that you joined name. But it’s really much more important to be engaged to inspire others to do things like you’re doing with your blogs. I think that’s a wonderful thing. I listened to I’ve known Ruth Stewart written Dan Stewart for 20 years and yet, listening to your blog with Ruth, I learned a lot more than I knew before.

Unknown Speaker 40:46 yeah, that was a fun. It’s a good word. Yeah, it would be so cool to, you know, interview a lot more of the members of names. So maybe that future episodes, we can do that that would be

Unknown Speaker 40:57 well, you definitely can do that. I mean, Bruce stanky would be a good one he brought us. He was president of name has been active for a number of years. They’re just kind of getting out of the business now. But in the sense of the history of name. He’s got a lot of us, he brought us into the world of technology, computers, first website and that sort of thing. He would be a very good one. to interview. Yeah. And I could give you there’s there’s any any number of people you’ve interviewed, you’ve interviewed Ruth. Debbie young would be good. Debbie also has as a really talented gal that that makes a living doing miniatures. past president of name. Well, thank you, and so on.

Unknown Speaker 41:48 yeah, look at all the future episodes I have now. Right. Well, thank you again for your time. I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 41:56 You’re quite welcome. I really enjoy it. It’s nice to meet you. And

Unknown Speaker 42:00 someday I’ll see you at a convention or a house party.

Unknown Speaker 42:03 I’ll be there. Well, if I live long enough, I’ll be there. Said I’m, I’m 77 years old. So I just enjoy life every day and look forward to tomorrow every day.

Unknown Speaker 42:17 Is it gonna be like a house party that I remember in college, or not quite like? Alright. I just joking. Good day. Thank you. Wonderful to talk to you. Thank you.

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