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This is a dream idea between Rachel and Holly to create a modern community atmosphere among miniaturists. Our first phase is to welcome you, invite you to sign up for our email list that gets you access to the Warehouse where we upload new freebies every month and have you join our community cafe (or forums) to talk to other members. Watch for more things to happen over the next few months!

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Sign up for our email list and get weekly updates about new tutorials and announcements as we grow The Mini District and you'll also receive a password to enter a secret page on our website, the Warehouse where we house all of our free downloads.

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Want to get to know other community members of The District? We've set up a forum just for you! You can ask for help, advice or just share your latest project. Yeah, we know that Instagram is a great place to share, but sometimes things get lost in the algorithm. Or there isn't a great way to search for something that's been asked before...this is your solution!


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On Tuesdays, we share new posts with you on our blog. Sometimes, they are many tutorials, sometimes they are more. WE love to share your projects and spotlight our members over there. So come check it out. But don't worry, we'll let you know every Tuesday when a new post is up when you sign up for the Warehouse email list.

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Phase 2 Coming Soon!

We have big plans for The Mini District. And, next month, Phase 2 will create an amazing Marketplace directory for you to easily find the style of products you want for your dollhouse and mini-scenes. Want to find out more? Be sure to join the Warehouse. The Warehouse is our free library of downloads for you and also gets you on our weekly email list. We'll be sure to let everyone know when it's time to sign up for the Marketplace.

Making mini pumpkins for Halloween with polymer clay is super easy and fun. Make a lot or a little; it's really up to you.